Getting terrestial channels via Sky box on 2nd tv

  John B 19:19 21 Aug 2006

We've just had a new amstrad digibox fitted for sky (not sky+). A 2nd TV is connected via a coax cable from the back of the digibox.

I've just noticed that the 2nd TV no longer displays BBC1, ITV etc on the other channels. I can only get the sky channel.

With my older digibox the 2nd TV could get the terrestial channels on 1,2,3,4 and sky on whatever TV channel I'd set it to.

Any advice please because at the moment we have to watch terrestial TV via the sky channel and thus both TVs have to watch the same programme.



  DieSse 21:04 21 Aug 2006

To use your old sky box - you need a cable up the the dish from it - and a dual LNB (that's the bit on the end of the dish.) - which has connections for two cables.

Then it acts just like you've got two independant dishes, and you'll get all the "free" programs from your old sky box - there's lots of them!

Or - you can change the cables about so that your terrestrial aerial cable goes directly to the second TV, then you'll get all the normal terrestrial channels on it.

The one thing your sky box cannot do is give you terrestrial channels.

  John B 21:18 21 Aug 2006

My old digibox did give me terrestial channels (honestly!).

When the 2nd tv was connected to the digibox via the RF out connector my 2nd tv could find bbc1 on channel 1, itv on 3 etc and still get the sky channel on another setting.

So I could watch bbc1 (or bb2, itv or C4) on the 2nd tv whilst my wife could watch sky on the main tv.

With the new box I can't.

I hope this makes sense!

  DieSse 21:30 21 Aug 2006

*My old digibox did give me terrestial channels (honestly!)*

No it didn't - because it simply can't.

What must have been happening is that you had a feed from the terrestrial aerial, as well as a feed from the sky box. This can be done via a VCR, for instance.

Do you have a VCR?

If you do -

aerial cable from antenna to the VCR

co-ax cable from the VCR to your second TV

Whoever fitted the new box has not re-fitted the cables in the same manner.

  DieSse 21:35 21 Aug 2006

To explain further - what you would then have is a feed from the regular aerial, through the VCR, to your second TV.

You would also have the output from the VCR itself, on yet another channel. When the VCR was selected to record SKY, this would automatically put Sky onto the cable too. And incidentally, if you played a video - this would come through to you second TV, on the same channel that Sky would otherwise be on.

  DieSse 21:38 21 Aug 2006

Or another possibility, is that the aerial cable has been put straight into the first TV, instead of into the new Digibox.

This may be more likely, as to change digiboxes it wouldn't be necessary to take out any cables except from the digibox - and maybe thery were taken out and reconnected wrongly.

  John B 21:46 21 Aug 2006

Yes I have a VCR/DVD writer combo.

With the 'old' (this morning) setup, the digibox , VCR combo and TV are scarted together and all daisy-chained with the terrestial ariel.

The 2nd TV was connected with coax to the RF" out on the digibox. (definitely not via the VCR to the 2nd TV)

Can the way in which the scart leads are connected cause this situation. I am unclear how the 2nd TV got the terrestial based on what you've said.

Thanks again

  John B 21:47 21 Aug 2006

I'll just read your latest posts...thanks.

  DieSse 21:51 21 Aug 2006

*Can the way in which the scart leads are connected cause this situation.*

No - it's all down to the terrestrial aerial wiring.

You haven't used the wrong co-ax socket on the digibox by mistake?

  DieSse 21:56 21 Aug 2006

Just as an experiment - plug the main terrestrial aerial feed straight into the cable that goes to TV2 - should be possible, as one is male and the other female.

Then just check if you get the terrestrial channels on the second TV.

  John B 21:58 21 Aug 2006

After reading your last post I've checked the sky installer's wiring connections and found the problem... the rf in and out leads were connected together and not into the back of the digibox! So no terrestial connection at all to the digibox.

I've connected these aerial leads correctly into the box and bingo... terestial on the 2nd TV.

I didn't imagine a sky installer would make a connection error.

Thank you again for your advice.

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