getting cash for old phone

  sunnystaines 09:36 13 May 2012

might be upgrading my htc desire next week to a samsung note. the best deal is via the three shop but they do not take in the old phone. whats the best site to trade it in for a cheque and do i remove or leave in the 4gb sd-card, i know the sim goes into the new phone to keep the same number.

not done this before

  morddwyd 10:47 13 May 2012

"do i remove or leave in the 4gb sd-card, "

Keep it. You'll want a card for the note anyway. and they;re always handy to have available.

You can get a lot of music onto a 4 gig card!

  sunnystaines 11:31 13 May 2012

thanks morddwyd

whats the best way to clean/format the sd-card, wondering too now if i could put it in my samsung camera it has a 2gb card.

have you ever used a cash for old phone web site?

  morddwyd 16:10 13 May 2012

"have you ever used a cash for old phone web site?"

Not yet, but await your final update with interest!

"whats the best way to clean/format the sd-card," Most cameras I have seen, and some mobile devices have a menu item to format the card.

The general format seems to be Fat 32. Try just taking all the file off it in Windows Explorer and just popping it in. That's what I usually do.

  sunnystaines 18:41 13 May 2012


been asking around evryone seems round here seems to use a electronic goods pawn store called "cex" it does better deals than on the net. been in there got a good price quoted more if you still have the original cardboard box,charger etc store felt really strange loads of dodgy looking young lads hanging around in there felt out of place not having a hoody and tats. But yes helful staff and a good price offered.

not sure if any of these stores in your part of scotland or not but i would think glasgow might.

hope to sort it all out week monday if three do not change the goalposts again on updating your phone early with "3".

How is the voice contol on the samsung note, the htc is poor for sending texts, surfing etc etc using voice instead of the keypad. Looking forward to it fed up, with htc all three people i recommended the phone to all now have reboot sagas.

  gadget321 20:11 11 Jun 2012

if u haven,t already sold / traded your phone in yet,, i tried cex online (link below) they quoted me upto £87 for the HTC Desire which is what i have and is in the middle of upgrading and wondering what to do with my old desire when my new galaxy S3 comes. Not sure yet about other trade-in / mobile recycle websites what prices they offer. As to the memory card question : most devices do give u the option to format a memory card or do it on your laptop / pc tower via windows explorer,, but i use a program called SDFormatter v3.1 from the SD website , link below. the free program on there supports all sd cards and many more and gives you plenty of formatting options. Hope that,s of some help to you. gadget321.

  G-telware 12:14 06 Sep 2012

Put the card in the phone as you will get a new SD card with note... Did u ever think about buying a dual sim phone as it is in trend......???????

  nihao15 10:18 07 Sep 2012

iphone 4 ?buy ihone 5 !go go go!

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