Genuine Replacement Batteries

  Rob Gibson 17:46 26 Apr 2013

Suggestions please as to where to buy a genuine Nokia battery for my 6300.

I'm very suspicious of many of the low prices I see, and I don't want to get caught with a fake.



  martd7 10:59 27 Apr 2013

A quick look around found this for your phone

  rdave13 13:14 27 Apr 2013

Being a skinflint I'd go for this one :)


Check it's the correct battery.

  martd7 14:35 27 Apr 2013

so would i rdave but hes wanting genuine,the amazon ones are compatible ones

  Rob Gibson 15:10 27 Apr 2013

That's the problem. I want something that's going to hold its charge and last a bit longer than few months.

  martd7 15:34 27 Apr 2013

rob the link i posted for you is a shop selling genuine ones but the price is double that of a compatible

  rdave13 18:10 27 Apr 2013
  martd7 20:08 27 Apr 2013

good find rdave13 i must admit icouldnt find many sites selling genuine batterys

  Rob Gibson 14:05 30 Apr 2013

That's great. Many thanks.

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