tonymcdonn 20:41 19 Sep 2010

What is the galaxys like as a phone?

  sunnystaines 07:17 20 Sep 2010

i have just spent couple of weeks toying with the galaxyS and the htc desire, at first the galaxy s was tops better larger screen. but after reading/watching reviews speaking to people and playing with them in stores bought the desire more friendly to use and set up better with android ver 2.2 as well.

  Strawballs 20:06 20 Sep 2010

The Galaxy S came top in this months PCA Android phone top 10 with 5 out of 5 stars and the Sony Xpedia second with 4.5

  sunnystaines 23:03 20 Sep 2010

its a close call between the different smartphones

  JoeC 19:01 21 Sep 2010

I was like sunnystaines and played around with the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S. I chose the Galaxy and it is a superb phone. I heartily recommend it. BUT, I would also heartily recommend the Desire. You won't regret buying either (although I prefer the Galaxy !!)

  tonymcdonn 17:19 22 Sep 2010

Thank you all. Will get the Galaxy S.

  do-gull 23:54 23 Sep 2010

I have had the galaxy s for just over a week and it is by far the best phone i have ever had.
My wife is jealous as hell, but i think i will treat her to one.



  sunnystaines 07:24 24 Sep 2010

i liked the good screen on the galaxyS when i looked at it.

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