full hard drive

  jonnyg111 16:07 26 Feb 2012

I have an Acer computer (three years old) with two hard drives, C and D, each 458 GB. I am now being warned that D is nearly full, with only a few MB left, while C has 367 GB left. D seems to have back-up files on it. What should I do?

Many thanks for your help,

Jonny Griffiths

  Forum Editor 23:21 26 Feb 2012

The first thing to do is to go through the drive contents and delete anything which you don't need.

If there are backed up files on the drive you might transfer them to an external location - either an external hard drive, or to USB sticks, or to DVDs /CDs

Drive management involves regular maintenance tasks, and this involves scanning the drive for redundant files - CCleaner is an excellent free utility that will clean up the drive for you. In general terms you can tell it to delete everything it finds.

Run the Windows de-fragmenting tool as well. This will organise software file structures. Repeatedly opening and closing software applications can cause files to become scattered all over the drive space. Defragmenting a drive reorganises the file tables.

  jonnyg111 20:59 27 Feb 2012

Many thanks, Forum editor. I have carried out some backup maintenance and I am in the clear now I think,

Jonny Griffiths

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