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  ventanas 17:00 10 Apr 2007

Just had a right argument with Fuji. Have just bought a S9600. At the same time I replaced my computer with one running Vista. The Software supplied with the camera (Hyper Utility V2) does not support Vista and Fuji will not provide an upgrade unless you pay for it. (£50.00)

In my view this camera was sold with out of date software, and Fuji couldn't care less. State they have no obligation to keep up to date with Microsoft, and have no intention of advertising the fact that this software is still being sold, and that their cameras are not compatible. What an outfit.
Just a warning to anyone who may be thinking of buying one of their cameras. As it happens I have much better software than they supply, and I've managed to get this so-called incompatible software to run on Vista anyway.

  I am Spartacus 17:08 10 Apr 2007

Out of interest how did you get it to work? I'm thinking of getting the 9600 and am currently waiting for my Vista upgrade disk.

Can your workround correctly transfer the EXIF info?

  oresome 21:43 10 Apr 2007

I've been fancying this camera for some time and to be fair to Fuji, the price has dropped considerably since it was introduced and it can now be purchased for around the £260 mark.

Perhaps the price drop is partly in recognition that it's not fully up todate?

I agree it should be pointed out at the time of purchase though.

I've the problem of what to do with a Fuji S7000 if I buy one of these (as well as several film SLR's gathering dust)

  ventanas 21:52 10 Apr 2007

I agree with what you say, the price has come down considerably over recent weeks, but so has that of the Nikon D200. I also bought one of those, together with the Nikon Capture NX Software. Nikon provided a free upgrade to their program to make it Vista capable. And it's a heck of a lot bigger than Fuji's effort.
To make V2 work I refused the autorun, went to the setup file and right-clicked it. From compatibility I chose to run as XP SP2 and also to run as Administrator. When installed I did the same with the shortcut on the desktop. I have'nt dug very deep yet as I mainly use Adobe Camera Raw. I'm going away in a couple of days. When I come back at end of month I should have lots of lovely RAW files to play with. Will get back then with more info.

  ventanas 21:55 10 Apr 2007

Sorry, meant to add - can you not trade in the film kit in part exchange.
I took my old OM2 into a local shop recently and exchanged it for an £80 kit bag. There still seems to be a market.

  hssutton 23:30 10 Apr 2007

Isn't there a major difference in Nikon Capture NX Software and the Fuji software, insomuch as Nikon capture cost over £100 whereas the fuji software comes free with the camera.

Having said that all the Canon software is supplied free and all updates are Vista compatible

  jack 08:16 11 Apr 2007

The oft mentioned advice to users with camera supplied software is -Leave it in the Box.

XP/Vista can do all that is required to get your images into the computer if the user wishes to go that route.
Or a simple card reader[Newer computers have these built in anyway]
Then your Image editor from there on.

Like Scanners software included with cameras is only a 'Get you started gesture' just the same as including a low capacity media card is.

  ventanas 08:36 11 Apr 2007

Normally do leave it in the box, but this particular app is for Raw conversion, and geared towards this camera. Fortunately Adobe Camera Raw also supports the S9600.

I do not think it would have been a problem to offer an update to anyone who purchased between certain dates, and their attitude has made me very wary of Fuji for the future.

  Stuartli 10:17 11 Apr 2007

This claim about Fuji's attitude is surprising as it was the first "big name" Japanese camera and film manufacturer to fully embrace the then new digital medium.

Its decision was subsequently proved to be right on the ball.

Digital photography also provided a bonus for those who preferred to stick with film for a while yet - prices of top quality cameras and lenses began to tumble quite dramatically.

For instance a Canon EOS3000V with a twin zoom lens kit is currently around £230 (£150 with the basic zoom lens), much less than would have been paid even a comparatively short time ago.

I paid around £600 for a Nikon F401 body and 28-200mm Tamron AF lens, plus Cobra dedicated flash unit, nearly 12 years ago, which was serious money at that time...:-)

  I am Spartacus 10:26 12 Apr 2007

Thanks for the clarification. I've ordered a S9600 from Amazon (£251).

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