freeview recording

  ginger103 14:46 26 Nov 2007

Ihave a tv with freeview built in
I want to fit a freeview recording box to the tv can anyone advise

  oresome 16:47 26 Nov 2007

VCR's had their own tuner.

You will be best advised to get a PVR or DVD/HardDrive with a digital tuner built in so that you can record one digital programme while watching another on the TV.

The aerial will loop through the recording device and into the TV and the two will also be connected by a scart cable or similar.

Panasonic and Sony make good DVD/HD recorders and Humax are noted for their PVRs.

Note that PVRs only record TV programmes onto a hard drive with no other inputs I believe. The DVD recorders are more versatile.

  ginger103 19:04 26 Nov 2007

oresome thank you for your reply.
I already have a dvd recorder and a vcrunit but i am looking ahead a few months when the normal tv will change to digital.
Then i will have to record freeview which cannot be done on the ordinary VCR AND DVD recorders i have now.
When i went out tand bought a DIGITAL tv it had the freeview built in.
What i want to no is how can i get a freeview recording box [which has its own tuner] to work with my tv

  Pine Man 19:19 26 Nov 2007

If you get one of the 870/970/1070 Sony DVD recorders, that also has a hard drive and freeview tuner, you can record all freeview channels with it whilst watching a different freeview channel via the freeview tuner built into your TV.

They are very easy to set up and you can record to either a DVD or the hard drive. You can watch a DVD and at the same time record to your hard drive and lots of other facilities.

A very versatile bit of kit!

  ginger103 19:44 26 Nov 2007

thanks both for your advice I will have to get a recorder and fit it pp
thanks again

  laurie53 19:48 26 Nov 2007

If you've already got a DVD recorder, try to avoid paying for another one.

Simple freeview recorders are much cheaper, and it should be possible to record from it to your dvd recorder, much as you presumably do with your vcr.

  Stuartli 09:55 27 Nov 2007

It is quite straightforward to record Freeview programmes on a video cassette recorder with a standard Freeview set top box.

You may need to use one of the VCR's "L" channels to tune in the Freeview programmes output for recording purposes.

A Freeview set top box converts digital signals into analogue so that the programmes can be reproduced on analogue television sets - most modern Freeview equipped large screen TVs have both an analogue and digital tuner, so the VCR recordings can be watched via the analogue tuner.

  ginger103 17:20 27 Nov 2007

thank you all ideas are coming thick and fast

  murrell 21:21 27 Nov 2007

I recently bought a Nichimen PVR1622 from Comet (I could not find it anywhere else, so it must be a Comet exclusive). It has 160Gb hard drive and is simple to use. Two programmes can be recorded at once, as well as being able to view a third at the same time. The price was £120. It only records to its hard drive - I've no idea if it can be rigged up to then record to a dvd recorder.

  ArrGee 21:53 27 Nov 2007

Sorry to pitch in here, but Archos is the way forward. A 605 is the biz imho.

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