freeview reception techniques when mobile.

  Incony 15:55 13 Apr 2008

Recently i had to spend some time away from home out in the wild, so to speak... pretty much in my vehicle for 12 hours a night on call.

i currently have an old but capable analouge lcd portable tv, the transmissions for that are likely to start dissapearing soon, so i am now interested in enabling freeview while on the move like ive just had to do for 2 weeks..

what kind of ariel should i consider to connect freeview reception? it needs to be portable, easy to set up, capable of dealing with fringe signal location..

analogue tv just degrades when reception is poor, but digital freezes and breaks up badly.. i shall miss analouge tv just because of that.. one can still watch tv in some poor reception areas that digital cant touch..

so... whatever i can get to enable freeview to come even close to that would be good to have.. and it needs to work from on top of a vehicle.. easy to set up..


  alB 18:03 13 Apr 2008

Possilbly something like this... click here ...alB

  Stuartli 18:17 13 Apr 2008

That's a link for a satellite system...


If you are in different areas of the country, then you would probably have to consider the aerial characteristics required for each transmitter.

Moreover, you would have to retune the TV involved each time.

Perhaps a portable Freeview LCD such as these models:

click here

might help.

We have an analogue 7in LCD model bought for us as a present a year or so ago, but reception is not especially good even with our strong signal area using the telescopic aerial.

  Stuartli 18:19 13 Apr 2008

The prices on the above link are very high - expect to pay around £60 to £70 for a 7 to 9in model from various suppliers.

An example:

click here

  Incony 19:22 13 Apr 2008

It is the ariel i am interestd in.. my analogue tv allows an external connection as well as its pull telescopic, just connecting a long wire to that often makes a fringe signal near perfect.. so,

the tips or tricks anyone has found to improve digital reception in fringe areas, is kinda what i am looking for.. the tv is a secondary concern, unless it has some real and calculated benefit in the reception ability..

a pretty far out idea i have considered is using my aluminium ladder that is always on my van.... ( given some insulation from the van body ) :) ok its not the right shape.. but it gives you some idea of any inventive solutions im considering..

  amonra 19:26 13 Apr 2008

Have a browse in WH Smiths through the caravanning books. That will give you a few ideas on what aerial to get and what snags you may encounter. Everything depends on a good aerial signal, so be prepared to experiment with amplifiers and large aerials !!!!

  Incony 19:27 13 Apr 2008

alB the satelite dish looks interesting.. i shall look into that idea.. thank you..

  Incony 19:29 13 Apr 2008

thank you amonra...good thinking.. you appreciate its the arial thats the key and how anything there can be improved, im for that..

  Incony 20:00 13 Apr 2008

ive been drawn to the omnisat 66cm dish.. it looks capable. the kit would fit easily in my van.. how exactly it requires configuring for freeview ive no idea.. power isnt a problem ive up 750 watts of mains available by invertor, i can easily run a digital freeview box, they are only 20 pounds right now in tesco.. but in any case, thanks to the answers here i know the general direction to take.. caravans i hate, as much as sitting behind articulated trucks a thousand miles a week..but sharing some of the known technology has made me a bit more sympathetic...

thank you..:)

  Stuartli 20:31 13 Apr 2008

>>the tips or tricks anyone has found to improve digital reception in fringe areas>>

If you have a mains supply available, then a good aerial amplifier will probably help to bridge some, if not all, of the transmitter's signal shortfall.

  Stuartli 10:39 16 Apr 2008

Just for interest, the latest Lidl flyer listing items available from Thursday, April 24th, includes a SilverCrest Portable Satellite Receiver kit at £64.99.

Includes digital satellite receiver, satellite dish, LNB, infra remote control, in-car power supply cable, mains cable, 10m antenna cable, SCART cable and various accessories.

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