Freeview on a DVD Recorder?

  wildhouse 18:10 02 Jan 2007

I am planning on replacing my VCR with a Panasonic DMR-EX75 DVD recorder with hard drive and Freeview. However, do I really need to pay the extra for Freeview if I have a Freeview box? My local Sony shop told me that you can still only record whichever Freeview channel you have on, the DVD recorder cannot change the Freeview channel to record while you are out. Can anyone tell me if this is correct?

  jakimo 18:49 02 Jan 2007

By having a second tuner you can watch one channel while recording any other freeview channel

  wildhouse 23:21 02 Jan 2007

That's what I thought - but it still means that I would be unable to set the timer to tape several differnt Freeview channels?

  hastelloy 15:54 03 Jan 2007

I am thinking of getting a Freeview DVD recorder - I had assumed that you could set it to record any Freeview channel - have I got that wrong?

  polo 16:28 03 Jan 2007

You switch on then press 'guide' on your remote. Up comes the programme guide, you use the up, down or sideways buttons to find the prog. you want to record then press 'enter' and it tells you that it's been programmed. If you've got say half a dozen programmes you which enter you repeat this untill they've all been done, switch off and come back days later and you'll find it's all been recorded! Great. They can be on any freeview channel, the recorder organises it for you and switches from one channel to another as required. Additionally should you, after programming, decide you wish to add further programmes you just do it and the old machine sorts it! Needless to say you can watch any other programme on your TV (if it's got a digi tuner, or in analoque if it hasn't) whilst any of this recording is going on and you can play back anything which has already been recorded whilst a recording is taking place. You can also timeslip as it were by starting viewing a programme from the start part way through it's being recording. Hope that helps. But don't expect the manual to help you, if you're like me you'll find it near useless and have to figure it all out for yourself!

  polo 16:30 03 Jan 2007

Sorry I forgot to mention that in my previous post I was referring to the Panasonic DMR-EX75 DVD recorder

  wildhouse 17:49 04 Jan 2007

Many thanks for the info - it sounds like the Panasonic is the one to go with!

  Skuby 20:41 04 Jan 2007

If it's any help the Panasonic DMR-EX75 is the recorder I am about to buy as I've heard lots of good reports about it. If you keep your old freeview box you will be able to record of the built in freeview tuner & watch a different channel on the old freeview at the same time. The Panasonic will change the channel to record automatically.

  hastelloy 20:44 04 Jan 2007

That's 2 satisfied customers in 1 thread - many thanks to all

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