Freeview Digital TV reception.

  Epirb406 19:17 14 Apr 2006

Hi all,

Not a TV techie and have and an over long story to tell so:

Website says that freeview not available at my address, IP9 from the Sudbury transmitter.

I am encouraged by collegues to investigate if this is true and buy a Tescos digilogic set top box.

Run a scan and pick up all the channels but experience some picture 'blocking' and 1 second audio drop outs.

I assume that this is due to insufficient signal and have my aerial upgraded by local specialist company. I cannot give you details of the aeriel fitted but it is a multi element, cross configured high gain antenna.

Rescan and no improvement,engineer suggests digital signal booster box. No improvement.

Engineers suggest cabling fault. Make up a fly lead with CT 100, no improvment.

Engineer suggest dud digibox, replace with another of the same, no improvement.

Engineer suggests Higher quality digibox would be better, replace digibox with a JVC TU-DB1SK. No improvement.

I have also tried, diffrerent scart cables, aerial cables and a different TV

How does this tale read to those of you with knowledge and experience? My last shot would be to try the Sony STB as it seems to get good reviews wherever it goes.

However, I suspect that the result will be the same and I am concerned that I am already £175 lighter for aerial installation with no improvment. Also feel I am operating without a safety net as the website suggests I cannot get freeview at all.

Engineer mistified and says that he has seen properties with less signal getting better reception.

I look forward to your comments and thanks for reading this far!


  Smiler 19:36 14 Apr 2006

I think the engineer has conned you and you will have to wait until the website says that you can definately get digital :-(

  Epirb406 19:41 14 Apr 2006

The engineer has spent a total of around 6 hours at my property and is waiting for a phone call if I get any change.

This is not the action of a conman, I suspect I have already cost his company money!

Brgds, Epirb.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:00 14 Apr 2006

the symptoms of having a too string signal are the same as those for a too weak signal...

If you've upgraded evrything perhaps it's this? I'm not familiar with your box but somewhere there should be a signal strength indicator amongst the menus, take a look at that.e

  Epirb406 21:13 14 Apr 2006

Seems I went from nothing, gradually improved it and ended up the same, pretty sure it's not too much signal.

Brgds, Epirb

  the old man 15:07 15 Apr 2006

First of all I just cannot believe I have read this post after the last 2 hours I have had.
I wanted to set up digiboxes in 2 bedrooms and bought them for the kids as xmas presents.
Got an aerial man to set up 2 digital aerials for me. digibox 1 gets a very strong signal on every available channel. Digibox 2 shows less signal strength but most channels are fine. Have chopped and changed the boxes, scart leads and all other things availble to change. No difference whatsoever.
Does not help with this problem and post but just goes to show.
The aerials are on the same post on roof with about 1ft distance between them and Digibox 2 is about 10/15 ft further away so bit longer lead.
Would just like to disagree with one thing. Cannot see that too strong a signal can be a problem and cause reception problems similar to too poor a signal. I am only a layman and am willing to be educated but it just seems strange.

  wiz-king 15:45 15 Apr 2006

Look at the menu on your box and see what strength the signal is, if it is over 80% you should be OK.
Remember that if you fit a signal booster box it must be fitted as close to the aerial as possible - no more than a few feet if poss. Like you I am in a 'impossible' site by postcode but I have got a good picture and sound, I get occasional breakup or blocking if a nosey motorbike with unsuppressed ignition goes past and have all the channels. I have an old Pace box, one of the first.

  Epirb406 19:28 15 Apr 2006

There is so much to this and yet so little I guess.....but then there is a bit more...

After researching the web about UK set top boxes there was one which came out consistently better than the rest, The Sony... I returned the JVC today and changed it for the Sony and would you beleive I now have watchable freeview????

Now, look at this..Aerial, £135 (reasonable) Amplifier £40 (reasonable as it completed the job and I had a proffesional aerial man in the house at the time, Sony STB, £100 (No that is not reasonable but I had to buy one to try and yes I know I can get it £20 cheaper on the net)

£275 to watch freeview?????? The no subscription Sky package come installed with dish for £150.

I feel cheated, stupid and none the wiser.


  Stuartli 20:23 15 Apr 2006

The Freeview (and previous ON/ITVDigital) post code analysis of whether digital terrestial reception is possible is very hit and miss.

At least you should be able to get the money back for the digital box at Tesco - the company has a no quibble money back guarantee and it will be even more relevent as it is not "fit for its purpose" in this case.

Not Tesco's fault, of course, but fortunate for you.

My best mate, who runs an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet, used to sell ON/ITVDigital boxes on a try it and see basis - if they didn't work he immediately took them back and refunded customers their money.

The reason? Even though we can see the Winter Hill transmitter about 15 miles away, the then reception varied according to which area of the town you live in for DTT reception.

You can check out your transmitter's DTT MUX transmissions at:

click here

  Epirb406 19:30 06 Sep 2006

Rounding up a few loose end this evening and hadn't reaslised this one wasn't closed.

Upshot: After I put the facts as in my last post to the aerial company, they very kindly gave me a £100 refund and left me with all the equipment. That seems about as fair as I can imagine, my analogue reception is much much better.

The problem: I am 99 % sure that wiz-king is right about older cars and bikes. The house is set down in a dip so the roof top aerial is closer than one might have thought to the road. With summer here and the windows open it seems that if I heara car going past there is a blip and that reception is worst around busy times.

Hope that helps just someone!

Brgds, Epirb.

  Stuartli 23:25 06 Sep 2006

Enter your postcode into this website and you will be able to find out all about Freeview reception, MUX transmissions' signal strength etc from transmitters in your area:

click here

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