Freeview Connection problems

  robinrcr 11:02 05 Sep 2008

Hi there, I am new to this forum so hello to everyone.
I have a problem with recording my Freeview(Digilogic) channels so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
My TV, freeview box and DVD all have 2 skarts each.
I have just bought a FUNAI DRVR-B778 DVD recorder/VCR Combi.I can only record the terrestrial channels as the Funai does'nt see the Freeview box. My connections are as follows.Freeview Skt1 to Skt1 on TV
2nd skt on Freeview to skt1 on DVD. Aerial cable to Freeview and then out to DVD then to TV.

Thanks in advance


  anchor 12:34 05 Sep 2008

Does your model have an AV-In scart socket?. Some recorders have only scart-out.

How have you connected your recorder to the TV?

  robinrcr 13:20 05 Sep 2008

Hi anchor, thanks for answering.
The Funai recorder has 2 skarts in total, AV1 & AV2 so I presume AV1 is in & AV2 is out.


  anchor 15:34 05 Sep 2008

I have no knowledge of your machine, but as I said, some machines don`t have av-in. What does the manual say?.

Try this: connect the Funai to the TV via the Funai scart out. See if you can watch different channels as you tune the Funai. Change the Funai channel by selecting av-1 as the input, turn on the freeview box, and see if the Freeview comes on the screen.

If that fails, reverse the connections, & try the av2 socket on the Funai as the input, and av1 out the output. If that fails, I am stumped.

  robinrcr 15:37 05 Sep 2008

Many thanks anchor, i shall try this evening


  robinrcr 11:00 07 Sep 2008

Hi anchor,

I tried your your suggestion and I can now see the freeview channels but I notice when I use the Funai remote control to tell the TV I want DVD or VCR output (dual use buttons) the VCR o/p screen is normal but the DVD one is (don't laugh) virtually pink as if the colour has gone haywire. Do you think this could be some kind of corruption.


  anchor 13:48 07 Sep 2008

Obviously, the Funaia does have AV-In.

Try making a short recording to VHS from the freeview channel, and then see if you can watch it on your TV.

Can you play, and watch, a pre-recorded DVD disc?.

  robinrcr 17:20 07 Sep 2008

Hi anchor,
The VCR recorded and played back ok from a freeview channel. Watching a pre-recorded DVD worked fine but the overiding colour was pink !!!


  Stuartli 17:47 07 Sep 2008

A Freeview set top box should be the first link in the chain, the VCR or DVD recorder the second and the TV the final connection.

The VCR/DVD recorder will need to have two Scart sockets (one connected to the STB and the other to the TV) and an RF pass through for the TV aerial connections.

Recording Freeview on my VCR requires the use of the L1 or L2 channels (originally intended for recording from satellite systems).

For those who may be puzzled why I can record Freeview programmes on a VCR, the answer is that a set top box collects the digital transmissions and converts them to analogue.

Otherwise you wouldn't be able to watch the Freeview TV programmes on an analogue television set.

  100andthirty 17:50 07 Sep 2008

Suspect one or other of your SCART leads (or sockets) has a duff connection. Try taking out each lead one by one and revering them (ie connect the end currently in the TV to the VCR and vice versa)

  Stuartli 17:54 07 Sep 2008

The main TV aerial feed should go to the Freeview set top box.

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