Freeview channels.

  Stoneywood 11:11 05 Dec 2006

Hi All
I have an ex-Sky box/dish, but do not receive all "freeview" channels.
A couple of years ago, when BBC were going digital, it was possible to
purchase a viewing card to extend choice, at a one time only charge.
Is this card still available and where would you buy?
Would it be worthwhile?
Would I receive progs like "At the Races" and "4 More"?

  Stuartli 13:56 05 Dec 2006

You are probably thinking of Freesat. See:

click here

Freeview does have More4, E4 etc available. See:

click here[0]=channels

  Stoneywood 16:08 05 Dec 2006

Dos'nt seem worth paying £20 for a card, as it only adds two programmes and that might change.
Will have to consider Sky again, but no package really suits me and I grudge subsidising "wall-to-wall" football.
Thanks to All,

  Stuartli 18:10 05 Dec 2006

An ex-Sky box is not a Freeview box...:-)

  Stoneywood 19:45 05 Dec 2006

>An ex-Sky box is not a Freeview box...:-)<

I know that, but until I checked today, I thought that Freeview had EuroSport and At the Races.
I guess you get what you pay for :-(
Cheers David

  Stuartli 16:38 11 Dec 2006

Freeview does have Eurosport but it's part of the TopUpTV package.

  Terry Brown 16:25 14 Dec 2006

The idea of FREEVEIW is to offer a taster of digital TV, so you are more 'ready' to sign up for a package in the future.

Why do you think that they are always advertising other channels, that as a freeview user you cannot get.

Me-- I signed up for Telewest so time ago.


  Stuartli 19:01 14 Dec 2006

>>the idea of FREEVEIW is to offer a taster of digital TV, so you are more 'ready' to sign up for a package in the future.>>

That is pure nonsense.

Freeview originally was ONDigital and then ITVDigital, which was operated by the ITV companies.

However, after buying up certain football rights, ITV realised it had erred and decided to cease the service.

The BBC, in company with at least two other companies, took the service over and renamed it Freeview.

However, much to the chagrin of the BBC, who wished the service to be free at all times (hence the name), TopUpTV was allowed to use some of the spare bandwidth and charge a monthly subscription.

Since then more and more has been added to the service, thus defeating the BBC's initial admirable ideas for Freeview.

  thospot 12:16 24 Dec 2006

Why do you have to spoil a very good reply to a post by coming out with the 'pure nonsense' stuff. Are you trying to copy 'Gandalf'?

  mymate 12:32 24 Dec 2006

imho Stuartli always knows what he saying.

  nagonlouse 13:03 24 Dec 2006


Methinks thou are not in Festive Spirit.

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