Freeview Chanel 5 - poor reception?

  hastelloy 07:17 05 Oct 2006

Having bought a freeview LCD TV I am now having problems receiving digital chanel 5 - all the other chanels are OK. There's no problem on my set to box nearest the aerial (I have an aerial amplifier), the new TV tells me the signal is poor and the picture/sound keeps coming and going. My set to box which is furthest from the aerial has no signal. Is anybody else experincing this or is it just me? I am in Leicester using the Waltham transmitter.


  JanaMan 18:09 05 Oct 2006

I had the same problem too - on the both top and bottom floor of my house i wasnt recieving a good signal at all even when using an amplifier. This is really annoying especialy as my analogue tv and sattelite works fine.

I used to live outside the city of leicester but moved in the middle of the city now. But I used to get reception at my old house whereas i get next to no reception at the house in the city centre.

Its quite odd really. I was advised to have a proffesional check my aerial on the house but i havent done that yet - It may be that the aerial is wideband or isnt specialized for digital tv ( probably a very old one)

  hastelloy 18:37 05 Oct 2006

It's very strange. I've just checked and reception is now OK on my new TV but I'm still getting the "No signal message on my box as before. It's only chanel 5 that I have this problem with - all other chanels are fine.

  JanaMan 18:51 05 Oct 2006

I cant use freeview at all - I can see the transmitter so it isnt very far. My neighbours have the same problem with all freeview channels. They work one minute and then the screen goes blue displaying a no signal message. This happens a lot when big lorries or busses pas the road. I have checked eveything - the antenna being connected - the wiring and i should be able to recieve freeview - My post code is LE2 - Me and most of my neighbourse have changed to sky the others are resort back to analougue

  hastelloy 19:15 05 Oct 2006

I did have my aerial changed before I got my first box a few years ago and was told that signal strength was good. I got the amplifier as I'm running 4 tvs off the aerial - 3 with freeview. I'm in LE3 and almost on the top of a hill. I've never had any problems until now but haven't tried to watch chanel 5 on digital before so it may have always been bad!!

  JanaMan 19:19 05 Oct 2006

hmmm.... - I am not sure if this will work - Maybe theeres to many devices on the same antena - try disconneting everything and connect tthe anntenae to one tv with freeview. see if that works or raises your signal - is it just one tv that does it or all of them?

Lucky - LE2 doesnt have Freeview at all - the website says it does after checking my full postcode. I guess its probably my anntenna facing the wrong way or somthin- which again i doubt

  hastelloy 20:15 05 Oct 2006

For the last 2 nights 1 had no signal and 1 had porr signal - kept coming and going - and 1 was OK. Tonight 2 are OK and 1 has no signal. This is all on chanel 5 - all other chanels are fine.

  oresome 20:38 05 Oct 2006


Are you using a aerial amplifier with multiple outputs, or one output?

If you have a single output which is routed to the first TV, then split to the second and so on, the signal will get progessively weaker the more times it is shared and the longer the cable run is.

Also, if the splitters are not of high quality, you can finish up with impedance mismatches on the cabling resulting in signal reflections, which at certain lengths will cause nulls in the signal.

  hastelloy 07:08 06 Oct 2006

the amplifier has 4 outputs - 1 for each TV.

  oresome 13:11 06 Oct 2006


In that case the reception at each point should be similar assuming no significant difference in length of cable. A few metres either way with typical cable won't make a lot of difference.

I'd carefully check the connections to ensure there are no shorts. A fine strand from the outer braid touching the inner conductor can easily cause this.

  hastelloy 13:26 06 Oct 2006

What really puzzles me is that the problem is only with chanel 5 on digital - analogue and all other digital chanels are fine

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