Freeview Box/TV/DVD Player

  tonyd71 19:52 09 Apr 2008

Please can someone help. I have recently purchased a DVD player. I have connected it to the Freeview Box and the TV. I can play DVD's perfectly, but when I have finished and switch the DVD box off, the TV defaults to pictures off my aerial and not my Freeview Box.
I then have to switch my Freeview Box off and on, and then I get pictures from the Freeview Box.
Any ideas?

Many thanks

  laurie53 20:15 09 Apr 2008

I'm not saying this is normal, but it's not unusual.

You could try swapping the Scart connections to the tv. Normally AV1 would take priority.

What happens is that peripheral devices eg freview, dvd, digibox etc send a signal through the scart connection to switch the tv to AV1, AV2, S-VHS etc.

When the current device switches off the tv goes back to normal input rather than the previous device.

Switching off and on again re-generates the signal.

  Terry Brown 10:06 10 Apr 2008

Go to Maplins and get a Scart switch box, which allows you to turn scart connections on/off as required without unplugging them.

  anchor 11:09 10 Apr 2008

After turning off your player, you could also just try using the TV remote to select the appropriate scart input for your freeview box. It works for me, and I have 3 connections.

This only applies if you have more than one scart input on your TV. The alternative is to get the scart switch box as suggested. Currently on special offer at Maplins;

click here

  jack 13:58 10 Apr 2008

With these three items the links should run
The digibox will have two scarts and two Aerials
The Earial should pass through Digi-DVD-TV
The scart should go from Digi to DVD to TV.
When watching Digi and the DVD off the image on TV will Digi
With Digi off the image will be DVD
Switch boxes[which should be mechanically or electronically switch to isolate the signal not wanted at the time] are only necessary if say DVD or VCR recorder is in use at the same time as TV is being watched or similar.

Take it step by step- with the help of diagrams to remember what you are doing rather than rushing out to buy stuff you wind up not needing.

  jakimo 01:56 15 Apr 2008

This should help....

click here

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