Freeview boxes- why should I get a new one?

  jack 14:30 26 Sep 2005

When the original digicast lot collapsed a freind- cast his box aside and went Sky -as they do.

When Freeview came along he gave me the original box and said- 'See what you do with that'

So I did and it Does - a whacking great black Nokia
sitting under the TV on the VCR.
It works fine - it even has a card slot[which I am told] will do for the paid for channels if i was so inclined- but - What extra will the newer ones do that this one cannot - apart from being smaller and prettier that is?

  De Marcus™ 14:44 26 Sep 2005

I have an old Philips one, which was cast aside as when a new channel scan was performed to pick up new channels such as E4 etc, it couldn't find them. A trip to asda and £25 later, a smaller, 'prettier one' was bought.

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 16:59 26 Sep 2005

god you lucky lot shame some of us cannot get digitol or ever satallite and they say this is the technological age BAHH HUMBUG

  jack 21:02 26 Sep 2005

De Marcus mwntion trying to tune to E4
What more stations yet!
So I did a retune -
Yup even more E4 4+1 aand some whos names I've forgottn
but there was a price
5 has gone orff.

  GRFT 07:53 28 Sep 2005

What I dislike about the new Freeview boxes is the absence of a display panel showing the number of the channel you're tuned to, which was a feature of my old Nokia receiver (along with a card reader.)
I now have the Sony VTX-D800U which is a great video performer with superior sound, but to be sure I'm tuned to my intended radio station the TV must be on. ( I have the Sony's audio output connected to the stereo system.) This also enables a direct comparison to be made between DAB and FM radio. I know which I prefer, but that point should have a thread of its own.

  Stuartli 19:20 02 Oct 2005

I'm surprised about your Philips set top box. First such box I had (ONDigital) was a Philips and it was a cracker...:-)

By the way get ready for more retuning...:-)

click here

  De Marcus™ 19:57 02 Oct 2005

To be honest it is better than the cheapo one in many respects, but it refuses for whatever reason to find the channels the new one can. I'll be upgrading my aerial soon so I'll probably dig it back out and see how it does. It is the OnDigital variety, got it when itv digital seemed like a good idea? ;-)

  Stuartli 20:19 02 Oct 2005

The basic ON/ITVDigital software for the earlier boxes hasn't changed apart from the normal updating so the Philips should work as intended.

I have a Pioneer DTR 210 ITVDigital box which still automatically updates itself even with the switch to the Freeview conglomeration.

Obviously the ONDigital software isn't as sophisticated as the Freeview version but it apparently can't be changed without a lot of work and also payment to the original software developer.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:57 07 Oct 2005

When you patch your Freeview box into your Hi-Fi you're not listening to DAB, but a much higher quality signal. From that you can probably guess how bad DAB actually sounds now!

  Stuartli 19:42 07 Oct 2005

To be more accurate you are listening to a digital signal on Freeview which has had the minimum level of compression at 256kbps bit rate - top DAB rate is 192kbps on Radio 3.

You can easily compare DAB levels with Freeview stations at:

click here

It may well surprise you...:-)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:20 07 Oct 2005

That's an interesting site - I particularly agree with the point about interference. I would much rather have a gentle hiss in the background with FM than the harsh chopping of a weak DAB signal.

I have had a DAB tuner since broadcasts became available in my area (Jan 2001) - quality has got worse as more stations have been added to each multiplex. Now I far prefer FM for sound quality but still appreciate the extra channels (esp BBC7). I'ts a shame we can't have choice AND quality.

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