Freeview ariel installed, now need a bird

  Graham. 16:29 27 Sep 2007

deterrent. As it is bigger, it overhangs my path more and the birds are making a mess. There are still some Blackberries somewhere.

I have in mind having a model of a bird of prey attached to the structure to persuade them to gather elsewhere. A Falcon, maybe?

Anyone done this?

  Pamy 17:07 27 Sep 2007

I have an imitation cat that moves round in the wind with bright stairing eyes in my garden lawn that is supposed to scare the birds of, Does it heck.

  cycoze 17:07 27 Sep 2007

You could try it but i think after a while regular visitors will realise it is fake and take no notice of it.

I took a couple of photos from a supermarket car park one evening of the aerials on a mast above a police station, the reason i was interested was they had put a full sized plastic Eagle Owl on it to scare off the real birds, who were all lining up neatly on the aerials to roost.

See the photo here -> click here

I regularly have a Sparrow Hawk visit my garden, most of the smaller birds fly off, the neighbours Doves though just sit there or mob the Hawk.

  BT 08:24 28 Sep 2007

I usually find that the 'Black' bird poo is from Wood Pigeons which have been eating Elderberries. They seem to love these and I have seen them sitting in the trees inspecting the berries waiting for them to ripen, then they gorge themselves. I have seen them hanging upside down just to reach a bunch that is out of reach!

My main problem is gulls which seem to use my car for target practise, and very good they are too! My neighbours car parked only a few yards away seems to escape their attentions. Could it be the colour? My car is silver, my neighbours' is white.

  Graham. 08:31 28 Sep 2007

My main visitors are starlings.

  oresome 22:07 28 Sep 2007

Would a cranked supporting mast help?

I have a similar problem as the aerial extends over the patio. I've been meaning to do something about it for the last 25 years.

  Graham. 10:39 29 Sep 2007

What about a small waterproof speaker playing recordings of birds of prey, such as those used at airports?

  Marko797 10:54 29 Sep 2007

a shotgun?

  oresome 20:39 29 Sep 2007

I blame the parents.

If the chicks were toilet trained, this wouldn't be a problem.

  BT 08:23 30 Sep 2007

Wood Pigeons sit on my aerial and shout down my chimney!!

  Mike D 12:27 01 Oct 2007


Our problem is that they don't just shout down the chimney, what a mess; still, a chmney cowl has solved this. Now they shhhhout all over the roof!


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