Freeview Aerial Problems

  eshroom 01:38 05 Oct 2006

Having moved house I am trying to srt my TV with a new external aerail, in the loft.

I have spent ages on the coxial getting it just right. Trimming it making sure theres plenty of metal on metal in the right places and no short-circuiting or chance of. I Hhve read the aerial instructions over and over, positioned the aerial at a bearing of exactlt 151 degrees (facing the transmitter exactly). The cable is only 10m long, brand new and everything is digital compatible.

After all this I get one bar (out of 10 or so) on my digital receiver. Using the standard aerial (a 4 inch bent piece of chicken wire, really pathetic, honest) I get 4-5 bars can anyone fofer any advice pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase I want my freeview back....

  oresome 09:12 05 Oct 2006

Check other aerials in the vicinity to ensure you have sited the aerial with the correct polarisation. i.e. vertical or horizontal elements.

If correct, chances are that you have not made a good connection at one or both ends of the coax.

  fazer 12:37 05 Oct 2006

When you use your "chicken-wire" aerial are you using the same piece of cable? Is the cable fractured somewhere along its length?

  dms05 13:26 05 Oct 2006

Strictly speaking an antenna in the loft is not an external one. I agree with the others - check the connections again and check wether you have Horz or Vert polarisation locally. One possible problem is your new co-ax cable has an internal short you can't see. Try connecting a multimeter across the centre and shield wires and see if you get any resistance reading.

  anthonystorey 21:21 05 Oct 2006

is your aerial pointing through other peoples houses or is there a big tree between your aerial and the mast these can have a big inpact on reception, is there another mast you could try, it would cost about £80 to have one fitted on the roof

  eshroom 21:41 05 Oct 2006

Hi, after more fidling today I came down from the loft to find 60-65% coverage. Great I thought, all it needs is a booster. But after 10 minutes it just disappeared back down to half a bar. I don't understand, the polarity is correct, I have it on the exact correct bearing for my nearest transmitter (22km away).

We have other loft aerials which are good, but not digital compatible and this new one is really big.

There are noe big trees and the closest house is 15 metres, the aerial would be facing their loft.

I just keep thinking I must be doing something wrong, especially since that temporary burst of massively better reception.

Thanks for your input all.....

  anthonystorey 05:35 06 Oct 2006

your other aerials could be interfereing with your new aerial if they are in the path.have you tried taking them down if the aerial is decent you should be able to run more than one cable from it.
good luck

  Diemmess 18:33 08 Oct 2006

If you can receive on "chicken wire" you must be in a good signal area. Your new aerial is presumably a purpose designed high gain aerial?

Abandon the book! A little homespun science may help:

Whoever has the loudest voice should stay with the TV while the second loudest voice goes to the aerial.

Point the thing in approximately the right direction and with the TV on a known digital channel, wave it about slowly side to side and up and down, up to 30 degrees off the original.

Hundred pounds to a pinch of snuff, the strongest signal will be in a very narrow direction but not the 115 you expected.

An aerial fitter would take an expensive meter in beside him and lock the aerial in the best position.

The snag with Higain against chicken wire is that the former is very selective and will simply not resonate is slightly off target.

  birdface 09:42 09 Oct 2006

Not sure if I am correct or not,But some transmitters are still useing Analogue + have not upgraded to digital transmition yet,Could your transmitter be one of those,

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