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  laurie53 10:33 27 Dec 2008

I have an outside antenna with masthead amp feeding a recorder looped through to a dvb tv.

Why do I get a perfect signal on all channels on my tv, but but only on some channels on the recorder?

Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly watchable, but on some channels the guide or the information banners only come up with "No Information"

  David4637 13:33 27 Dec 2008

Are you referring to the Electronic prog guide (EPG) has not been updated, or there is no picture for a particular channel you have selected. If the EPG says No information, then its nothing to do with a lack of signal, it has not yet been "typed in". If it is no picture for the selected channel the aerial signal strength is inadequate. Could mean the aerial needs adjusting,or you will have to wait till 2012 for the digital switchover, in order to get a better signal. David

  Diemmess 17:55 27 Dec 2008

I'm absolutely no expert on this sort of problem, but if like me you have an old digital converter box and a (unlike me) state of the art new TV, then perhaps it is time you did an update/retune of the old didgy box to see if that now recognises a lot of new channels.

My stuff occasionally throws a wobbly and doesn't even remember what day/time it is and then a nice Auto reset puts matters right within a couple of minutes.

  laurie53 19:36 27 Dec 2008

David4637 - I think you misunderstood. The picture is perfectly watchable, and the EPG is virtually complete except for one or two channels which show no details, and also on those channels the information banner shows no details. If it was a signal strength issue I would have expected it to show up on the tv as well, and if it was an updating problem I would expect the EPG to show some details at those times when it has been updated, rather than "No Information" all the time.

Diemmess - Don't have a digital converter, it's an integrated DVB television and a DVB hard disc recorder of about the same age. In the normal course of events the recorder picks up new digital services long before the tv does.

  oresome 20:36 27 Dec 2008

I think there is quite a variation in the performance of digital tuners judging by my own experience of various bits of kit in the home.

David states that you may have to wait until the signal level is increased, but I'm not sure that we will actually reap the benefit. In order to make room for HDTV, further compression of existing channels will take place which will negate the benefit of an increased signal in many cases.

  dms_05 21:33 27 Dec 2008

Don't confuse signal strength and compression. Increasing the signal strength will make for better reception even if some channels are more compressed - compression will only effect the picture quality not the ability to receive the signal.

Assuming we are talking about the DTT service Freeview then it's important to also realise that some of the multiplex's are transmitting at significantly higher compression than others.

The simplest and yet most comprehensive page with all the details can be found at click here

  Stuartli 21:39 27 Dec 2008

There are a modest number of Freeview channels that regularly list No Information available on the EPG.

This applies to four different EPGs I have access to on the various TVs in my house.

  laurie53 10:17 28 Dec 2008

But if this were the case I would expect the same thing on the tv, not just on the recorder.

I think oresome might be in the right area with with his comment about tuner performance.

Thanks for the responses so far. I'll leave this open a little while longer as I know that some people only log on at work!

  oresome 19:49 28 Dec 2008

"Don't confuse signal strength and compression. Increasing the signal strength will make for better reception even if some channels are more compressed - compression will only effect the picture quality not the ability to receive the signal."

This above statement is incorrect. The more compressed signals require a higher signal strength to receive error free.

  jack 16:45 29 Dec 2008

consistantly 'play up on FreeView
Channel 5 and 19[Dave]
I have been doing things to my aerial feed- and each time I attack thr problem so the TV[Sony Digital]will need to retune.
When it does so thse two channels come up either 'Not Tuned' or 'No information'.
I am used to this now, because inevitably the next time the set is switched on those two are there as if they had never been away.

  PalaeoBill 11:47 25 Jan 2009

Oresome is on the money with freeview tuner performance. My fathers masthead amplifier blew over Christmas and the performance from his brand new twin DVB recorder was so poor it was vitually unwatchable. We dug out his several year old Philips DVB that had been in use before he got the DVB recorder and that worked beautifully. In the new year we bought a new amplifier and swapped the DVB's back over. It was clearly just a difference in low signal performance between the two boxes and the older one was much better.

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