Freecom DVB USB - Can't get ITV and other channels

  Immy 21:14 19 Dec 2005

Hi all,

I just bought the DVB Freecom USB device... and how great it is.

Problem is, I can get around 20 channels but not any ITV channels. Plus i get E4+1 but not E4 and a few other +1 channels.

I've tried it at home and also in the middle of London and get different channels depending on location, but NEVER ITV. I NEED CHAMPIONS LEAGUE :) - please help!

Also, is there any other player available for the product yet?


  g0slp 21:50 19 Dec 2005

Are you using the supplied antenna or connecting it to an external antenna?

Try an external antenna & rescan, if you haven't done that already.

Digital signals are weaker than the old analogue signals; I don't know London from the TV signal point of view, but it may be that the ITV signals aren't as strong.

It is indeed a great device.

  Immy 21:55 19 Dec 2005

Thanks and apologies for failing to state that i had already also tried my home antenna. I can get ITV on my home freeview set with no problems. Strange... I've posted with Freecom support now too, although i'm not sure it's they're problem, but worth a go i guess.

  lurgan_brian 20:46 22 Dec 2005

I'm having exactly the same problem. Can you let me know if you find a solution?



  Immy 10:07 23 Dec 2005

Well I've spoken to Freecom support and as suspected they suggest I use a bigger and stronger ariel. What gets me is that I used my home ariel which works on my home freeview set and I get the exact same channels when using the standard ariel! I do have a tip though, always set the mini ariel on a horizontal rather than vertical. It works great!

  lurgan_brian 14:11 23 Dec 2005

Bought a signal booster and am now receving all channels. It's strange though that previously I could receive E4+1 but not E4.

  Immy 18:10 23 Dec 2005

thanks for the update. can you tell me which one you bought? I agree.... VERY strange about the +1 channels!!!

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