Free View watchers - something is a foot

  jack 14:23 13 Oct 2005

Buried In a topic on the Digital World forum one of our regulars Stuartli told us about big changes in Freeview due from next Tuesday A retune will be required for all

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  De Marcus? 17:01 27 Oct 2005

Lots more channels, very little to watch ;-)

  jack 19:31 27 Oct 2005

De Marcus you are so right!
However there is a puzzle of a techical nature, which is causing not a little head scratch, it is this.
Sky watchers are connected by phone and a 'credit card' so that if they need to watch a movie or 'extra fee'channels- a phine call activates their box to decrypt program of choice. Freeview 'Top up'buy a card- these are two thing I can conprehend.
However, the new line up includes two 'adult channels'for which no card or sign up is required. A potential viewer simply has to phone an 0870 number pass on credit card detail- and they are off- The puzzle then is ,how is this achieved with no contact by phone or card?

  De Marcus 19:42 27 Oct 2005

I presume your given a key/code/pin to press on the keypad to decrypt the channel which is then probably charged for on your telephone bill?

  Stuartli 21:29 27 Oct 2005

It would presumably be charged to your credit card to which Jack refers.

Freeview has a parental facility using a four-figure number of your choice and presumably these TV channels use a similar facility.

  jack 22:28 27 Oct 2005

All very mysterious -and as far as I am concerned long may they remain so

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