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  Carbonara 15:11 05 Nov 2005

This looks like it might be interesting

click here

  Arnie 16:16 05 Nov 2005


If you look carefully on the site you should find the following statement. (In parenthesis).

This also appears to be a Finnish web site, since the word Suomi is used in some of the text. In the movie, will English dialogue be used? Personally, I don't think it's worth the bandwidth usage.

"Star Wreck - In the Pirkinning is a parody made by fans of Star Trek® and Babylon 5®. Star Trek and Babylon 5 are the trademarks of their respectful owners. Star Wreck -In the Pirkinning- is an independent parody and is not endorsed by trademark owners mentioned above.

We have great respect for all those who have worked with the series that have inspired us to create this film. Our team consists of a few guys who've all worked for free with this movie over the last 7 years. The movie is made without commercial intentions and is available for free download over the internet. All the material seen on film was produced by the film crew and no aliens or space ships were harmed during the filming."

  Carbonara 16:59 05 Nov 2005

Yes, the site makes it perfectly clear that this is a Finnish film in Finnish with various optional subtitles. I chose to download the version with English subtitles.

  Carbonara 17:24 05 Nov 2005

No one HAS to download this film, but as an example of what can be done by amateurs using (almost) home computers it is an eye-opener.

One quote from The Internet Movie Database:

"The CGI were rendered using standard home computers. In some scenes a single frame could take over ten hours to render and in one second of footage there are 25 frames. Overall, the CGI seen in the movie took five years to render."

  Arnie 17:26 05 Nov 2005

Carbonara, did it live up to your expectations?

  Carbonara 17:32 05 Nov 2005

From what I saw on CNN it will more than meet expectations!

  Skills 23:24 05 Nov 2005

You might be interested in this free movie as well then click here Its a star wars film called revelations made by star wars fans on a $20 000 budget all done on home Pc's. The effects in it are really well done.

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