FLAC for windows...?

  al7478 17:39 17 Apr 2008

I noticed a reference to this program in this post - click here. I downloaded it, but could'nt really understand what i should do with it lol! I've also got EAC but, naturally, you need extras in order to make FLAC files work in a windows system.

Anyway, point being, i need to rip lots of songs in FLAC, but the various ways of doing it in windows (as windows doesnt upport flac natively) go a little over my head, frankly.

Does anyone know how to use this program or know of any similar program, so i dont have to keep downloading things i dont understand, and have no idea how to configure...?

  MAT ALAN 18:42 17 Apr 2008

click here

there are related posts at the bottom of the page.
the only third party prog you need is Winamp...

  al7478 19:06 17 Apr 2008

Thanks, but im going to be running WMP in media centre. I've had a look at winamp, but i like the familiarity of WMP, so wondered if there was some package that would install everything i need in one easy go. Thanks for trying tho - im a fussy beggar!

  MAT ALAN 19:11 17 Apr 2008

click here

you can add FLAC support to WMP but what it does after that i cannot say, there are other options in the link,hope it helps...

  al7478 19:27 17 Apr 2008

Thanks again. that seems pretty helpful and straight forward. Ill have a play and report back.

  al7478 01:29 18 Apr 2008

OK thanks again, ive got it working thanks to that second link.

  al7478 15:06 19 Apr 2008

I'm really sorry about this, but i seem to have been somewhat premature when i said i had flac files working. They work insofar as they play, but:

1) ive set them to open with wmp, having deleted winamp. they do open and play, but they still have the "white background with litlle cloured squares (or whatever they are)" of files that are'nt recognised in windows.

This is a minor irritant but theres a couple of other more functionally important problems:

2) when i "shade" a group of flac files, right click and press play, only one of the tracks plays - whichever track the mouse is over when i right click.

3) as i say, ive got rid of winamp, but now when i right click, winamp options are still there, while things like "add to wmp list" have gone.

  al7478 16:44 19 Apr 2008

I've sorted point 3, and 1 (flac files now look like media player icons with the white "play" sign in an orange circle) - still unlike my other files - mp3s with mp3 written in blue on a white background - but a recognisable icon nonetheless.

Point 2, however, still seems to be a problem.

  al7478 19:39 19 Apr 2008

OK, for the benefit of any interested parties, i rolled back to wmp10, then went back to the future with wmp11 again, and it seems so far to have done the trick.

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