Finger Print Reader

  boots2 14:47 07 Mar 2008

I have just bought a new Dell laptop with a fingerprint reader for login.
It gives me the option of storing the fingerprints on the reader or encrypted on the hard drive.
Which is more secure, and are they reliable, any advice please.

  amonra 13:47 08 Mar 2008

The fingerprint reader can be a pain in the ****, avoid it if possible. I had one last year on a L/Top I borrowed and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. I found one of the cures was to wet my finger ! I disabled it after a while, too much hassle.

  boots2 14:53 08 Mar 2008

Thanks for that amonra I am glad I was a bit wary I will wait a while to see if any one else has a problem as well.

  Sapins 19:26 09 Mar 2008

I bought a Microsoft USB one a while back, it registers your fingerprints and it works perfectly. I use a bit of Blue tack to roll over the screen to clean it. Take note you should not use it for sensitive passwords,e.g. online banking, there should be a warning re this with the laptop, otherwise it saves a lot of hassle remembering passwords.

  boots2 14:35 10 Mar 2008

The laptop would not start Saturday gave Dell a call the said they woud contact me, so the fingerprint reader is no use now.
Well it lasted three days.

  Forum Member2 13:09 11 Mar 2008

what is the model number

  boots2 14:29 11 Mar 2008

Its the XPS M1330 still have not had any contact from Dell, I e-mailed yesterday and today.

  boots2 22:20 13 Mar 2008

Back working now(motherboard changed) engineer advised use passwords instead.

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