FinePix S5700 - Image Saving

  finca tony 19:27 27 Apr 2008

Help !!
I have been given a Fuji FinePix S5700 Camera but am having problems saving the images to my PC (Windows XP).
After installing the software I checked that I required automatic saving when the camera was connected (through USB port). The first time that I tried to save inages everything went fine, and I followed the instructions for correctly disconnecting the camera - but the next time I connected nothing happened and the camera showed that there was no communication with the PC. Several hours of fiddling with computer and camera got nowhere, so I decided to purchase a memory card reader. First time that I connected the reader everything went fine and the images from the SD card were saved - next time no response on plugging into the port

Can anyone give me an idea of what I might be doing wrong, and how I might overome it ?


  aine 19:04 28 Apr 2008

Have you made a typographical error? surely that should read XD card. I had a similar thing in vista,
my system was XPpro, my S5500 worked great, after upgrading to vista, the camera was not recognised, fitted a reader, OK. Today tried camera worked perfectly, the only thing different on mine was downloaded SP1. have you downloaded anything that could have altered your system? ie XP sp3. Aine

  finca tony 20:05 28 Apr 2008

Hi thanks for your advice.
No I have not downloaded anything, and the camera is supposed to work with either an SD or XD card.

  jack 10:03 29 Apr 2008

The first advice to digital camera owners I always give is
'Do not Load the Supplied Software Disc.

A camera is simply another removable disc as far as Windows is concerned.
So unload the software.
Connect the camera and in 'My computer' another drive will appear.

Sometimes USB devices[ such as your Card reader] do not register when plugged in.
A restart/boot usually resolves this issue.

  finca tony 08:16 01 May 2008

Thanks for your advice to try removing the software. I have now tried this, but unfortunately I am still getting no response when the camera is connected and switched on. Am wondering if it could be a fault with the memory card, so am going to purchase a new one.

  jack 14:41 01 May 2008

what ever other trouble that may crop up.

As you have a card reader persevere with that rather than the camera - if for no other reason it saves on the battery.

Software that comes with camera is usually[though not always] pretty naff.
A good free starter is
click here

But when you get into it software from www. serif is worth looking at
or better yet ,but costs
click here

  finca tony 18:40 01 May 2008

Have now tried Picasa but can still not import the images from my camera.

  hssutton 19:16 01 May 2008

For the moment forget about opening your image in Picasa, or any other software.

As Jack says insert your card into the card reader then click on "My Computer" you should now have another drive listed. Double click on this drive and you should see a folder named DCIM which contains your images.

If this happens then just drag the files into a folder on your desktop. Picasa will then recognise your photos

So, do you get the new drive displayed in My Computer?

  finca tony 17:25 02 May 2008

Yes found the new drive, but clicking on it give me the message 'J:\ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.' What ever that is and what do I do about it ?

  jack 08:22 03 May 2008

So a couple of cards would not go amiss.
To prove the point
If you are referring to card in camera
Go to the bottom task bar and find the 'Save to Remove Hardware' icon click on it select the appropriate drive and 'remove' it- then remove and re place the card and unplug and plug in the USB cord to re establish connection.

If it is the card reader you are referring to is it a multicard device and if so are you trying to open the wrong 'drive'?

  finca tony 17:50 12 May 2008

Thanks for all your help and advice.
Problem now solved. Received my new xd card, and whilst I still cannot upload from my new camera or card reader I can upload now using my old Finepix camera.

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