few channels on freeview?

  stevjones 09:19 08 Mar 2006

recently brought a philps Philips DTRA200 free view box. After setting it up and running it through a booster, i can only recieve 10 radio channels and 2 tv channels....
my signal strength is shown to be medium.
Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem, so i can recieve all channels??
cheers steve

  g0slp 09:27 08 Mar 2006

Hi Steve

Do you actually need to use the booster? I've found that some boosters don't work too well with digital signals, particularly the older designs.



  stevjones 10:12 08 Mar 2006

ive tryed it with and without. without it i cant get any channels. ive just gone through first install again and its not picking up any cannels now, not even with the booster, says its something to do with signal and aerail?
the aerial on the roof is approaching 30yrs old, do i need a new digital aerial?

  anskyber 10:31 08 Mar 2006

You may well. The digital signal is designed to work with a wideband digital aerial which you almost certainly will not have.

  anskyber 10:32 08 Mar 2006
  stevjones 10:46 08 Mar 2006

ok lads cheers. what do you think to upgrading the old wires from the outside aerial? would that improve quality in anyway?

  anskyber 10:51 08 Mar 2006

As part of a new aerial, yes.

  g0slp 13:17 08 Mar 2006

That certainly explains the lack of signal. As anskyber rightly says, the aerial needs to be wideband.

I apologise for not picking up on the aerial thing earlier - 30 years old - didn't think such animals still existed <grin>...

On the subject of the cable, it would be daft to change the aerial & not renew the cables, especially if they're of a similar vintage to the aerial. Any good aerial installer would advise you of this anyway (I hope).

If you are going to do the job yourself, make sure that you get the connection at the aerial watertight - coaxial cable soaks up water VERY effectively, & that will both degrade your signal & potentially allow water into your receiver box.

One other point; with a new aerial (& cable!) you may find that you don't need the booster anyway.

Enjoy all the channels once you get sorted out.

Best regards,


  stevjones 18:43 08 Mar 2006

super, cheers folks.

  bemuzed 20:56 08 Mar 2006

I had same problem and it was old aerial int he loft. Had a new aerial fitted for £130. Where I live teh fitter said ITV, E4 are weaker signals, and so I still find they occassionally drop out. In 18 months he said the signal strength would increase, but I don't know if that is nationally.

  flyingbrit 04:18 11 Mar 2006

I bought a Philips integrated digital widescreen tv a few weeks ago, and although I'm well chuffed with it, when watching ITV 1 in digital the screen went blank and reverted to the last station tuned(ie bbc or itv 2 or 3 or 4 anything bur itv 1.) I e-mailed Philips explaining the problem I had and after several e-mails they said to leave the set on standby when we weren't using it and they would broadcast a software fix. This we did and all is now solved(don't ask me how!) It could be worth an e-mail to them....hope this helps...britsdad

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