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  gerriecah 20:03 15 Sep 2006

I want to use an extension "Slave" flash gun, but it appears that the camera shutter is faster than the slave flash. Is this the case and anyone have any success doing this ???
The slave flash fires OK, but I do not appear to get any different result as to when using the camera flash alone, therefor I presume the slave flash is firing too late.

Any suggestions please.


  ade.h 20:30 15 Sep 2006

You've neglected to give any information about the make/model of flahsguns and camera.

Is it wired to your hotshoe flashgun or triggered by the activation of the flashgun? Obviously, the former method is preferable.

  jack 20:32 15 Sep 2006

Depends on the camera.
Digi SLRS can have a feature based of film SLRS called 2nd curtain.
This is where the 2nd 'blind' on a focal plane shutter is 'delayed' for just this sort of thing.
So investigate your camera's shutter facilities.
Does if have a'B'[bulb or brief]setting that holds the shutter open thus the exposure is made my the flash triggering not the shutter its self.
When using this method there is a risk of ghosting unless the ambient light is very low or made very low.

  gerriecah 21:01 15 Sep 2006

ade.h ---- Sorry, it is a kodak c330, the flash is triggered by the camera flash thru sensor in the flashgun. It is a Hanimex TZ/855 Computer flash, a few years old but still in operation.

jack ---- You will see that it is not an SLR only a lowcost Digital Compact, with no facilities that you state. This is a camera I got in a gift and am playing around with it to find out what it is capable of. Normally I use my Nikon for normal use, this is my trial in "digital", still use film.

There are two buttons I have yet to experiment with, a "BURST" button which takes a number of exposures in a burst, and an LT (long time exposure) button which apparently seems to slow the shutter speed down to variations up to 4 seconds. I think.

Will experiment further when my batteries are charged again.

Many thanks for your assistance.


  jack 08:27 16 Sep 2006

'LT (long time exposure) button which apparently seems to slow the shutter speed down to variations up to 4 seconds. I think.'This is the one to go for
The shutter will still be open when the slave triggers.
OK for 'still' shots but ghosting will occur if there is movement.

  gerriecah 11:00 16 Sep 2006

jack ---- Thanks for the response, will concentrate on that.
Many thanks


  ton 21:52 16 Sep 2006

A lot of digital cameras fire two flashes in quick succession.
I believe the first flash is used by the camera to set the exposure and the second flash is used for the picture.

I have a slave flash with a setting for this - it ignores the first flash from the camera and will fire on the second camera flash.

  hssutton 10:49 17 Sep 2006

Ton is almost certainly correct, however don't forget to check the flash sync speed of your camera and don't exceed this recommended shutter speed.

I use several slave guns at home when using macro. On my cameras I'm able to switch off the pre-flash, if you are not able to do this, then again as Ton says you can buy slave guns that ignore the pre-flash.

  gerriecah 11:30 17 Sep 2006

ton and hssutton ------- Thanks very much for your responses, this has greatly assisted me in the results that I have achieved.

It appears that my camera uses the two flashes, the first one is triggering the slave flash, the slave flash is shutting down the camera exposure and aperture and the second flash is to a closed aperture or shutdown exposure time, because the resulting picture is of total blackout. A totally black frame, because I have been trying this in a blacked out area.

I could not understand why I was getting the totally black frame, but now it seems as if the above is the explanation for that.

Guess I will have to look around for the type of slave flash or trigger that ignores the fist flash.

Many thanks to you both for your assistance.


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