Evesham 2600 Sat Nav Asda exclusive

  Pamy 14:57 20 Nov 2006

Hello everyone, hubby just bought me this gadget(birthday soon) as I can never find my way to new places without him directing me. He has set it up and shown me how to "navigate" to where I want to go, but I am not sure how to find my way back home without going through the whole procedure again from where I am. Can anyone advise me in simple parrot fashion what to do? And, what other plugins are available as this model is not shown on the recomended sites.

  mole44 08:49 21 Nov 2006

read the instruction book that comes with it all will be then explained.

  Pamy 09:30 21 Nov 2006

Hi mole44, Thanks I have tried to understand it,so has hubby. We can set it up to navigate to a destination and that works fine. What I thought I could do was then somehow revers it to navigate back home but it doesn't seam to do that. I have to put in my home address again and re-navigate.

Also it says that there are "plugins" for it, but there is no mention of this model on the site.
Hubby has just told me that he thinks he has worked out how to navigate home ( we have to have our home address set as the base or something like that

  PUNKA 20:52 21 Nov 2006

Most of these work by Inputting the Postcode from where you are, to your destination, and vice-versa is this model the same ??

  mikef. 21:42 21 Nov 2006

Hubby is probably right on most systems if you set your home address when you first set it up you can just choose home as your destination, well that what I do on my Garmin Street Pilot

  Pamy 22:46 21 Nov 2006

PUNKA, mikef, You and hubby are all correct. All I have to do to get home is to open the menu go to faverites and tap on my home address/postcode then tap navigate. IT also says that I should be able to see a simulation of the route, but it does not tell you how, but we will keep working on it.
For £99 I think it is excelent value

  superhoops 10:21 22 Nov 2006

I would suggest that you do not enter your actual home address. I was watching The Real Hustler on tv the other night. They showed that when a car window is smashed and a satnav nicked one of the first things the scumbag does is look at the unit for the owners home address, cos they know you arent there. Just put in something vague ie a local main road.

  Pamy 13:40 22 Nov 2006

Thanks for that superhoops, fortunately it is small to fit in a pocket or my handbag, will have to be carefull not to get mugged.

Still a lot of things to find out how to do, but will tick this as resolved, Thanks again to all that have offered advise.

  anchor 11:10 23 Nov 2006

Pamy; I am not familiar with your model, but on my TomTom you cannot ask it to reverse the route to navigate you back home. You must re-plan a new route for this.It seems to be the norm.

If you don`t carry it with you, lock it in the boot, and also remove the ring mark from the windscreen. This is something thieves look for.

  Confab 11:33 23 Nov 2006

TomTom - Navigate to - Home. Two finger presses and no need to plan a route.

  Pamy 12:52 23 Nov 2006

anchor, Confab, Thanks for info. Hubby suggested that when I remove the Sat Nav from the car, I have a notice in its place on the holder stating that Sat Nav is not in the car.

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