Epson R220 or Canon IP3000 ?

  richdeniro 23:42 10 Nov 2005

Am looking to get a new printer and I'm pretty sure that I have narrowed it down to two; The Epson R220 [click here] - am I right in thinking that this is an upgrade of the R200? - and the Canon IP3000 [click here].

I honestly cant decide between the two and was wondering if anyone could help make me an informed choice.

Also does anyone think it would be worth getting a laserjet to go alongside to print my black prints - keen on one of those all in one copier/scanner/printer combo's or would it be just worth buying a stand alone scanner and just use whatever I choose out of the R220/IP3000 ?

  Dizzy Bob 18:33 11 Nov 2005


I have an Epson R200 for colour printing (and for direct printing CD's) but for my everyday printing i use a Samsung all in one mono laser printer. Quick, quiet and cheap.

I got mine for £49.99 on offer at PC World in May (and I am still on the original toner)

They are clearance now at PC World, and I would be at all surprised to see them cheap over xmas.

Model is Samsung 4100 all in one


  keef66 15:25 21 Nov 2005

I have the Canon and find it fast and quiet, and very cheap to run using non-canon inks. Photo prints are good, despite it's just black + 3 colours.
I particularly like the paper tray underneath which keeps A4 flat and dust-free, while photo paper, labels etc can be fed in from the top when required. Canon software is also very useful, especially the Easy Web Print which does exactly what it says on the tin, without clipping anything off the sides.

I note the Epson has more ink cartridges, so could conceivably do photos with blacker blacks if you see what I mean.

  PaulB2005 16:59 21 Nov 2005

Canon everytime.

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