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  Newuser939 11:30 21 Jul 2007

Having just acquired a HDD Recorder with a freeview tuner, I am just intrigued by how programming the recorder from the EPG works. In particular, is there the equivalent of PDC in analogue recordings in case timings change a bit or do you rely on broadcasters sticking to the schedules?

  oresome 14:56 21 Jul 2007

It's you again!

From my limited experience of just over a week using the Sony 870 I've had programmes that start late and finish both early and late.......one extended by over half an hour and took in News at Ten. The boxing cut off half way through the last round.

I tried twice to set the machine to record Wire In The Blood prior to the day of the event and each time the info was lost sometime overnight.

I finally succeeded on the day of the event!

All the above timed recordings were attempted using the EPG on freeview and maintaining the EPG link which presumably is meant to take account of delayed starts etc.

It seems there is some way to go before it's any better than the trusty VCR abs VideoPlus.

  Stuartli 15:39 21 Jul 2007

The Freeview EPG is updated overnight and is automatically downloaded if your TV is on Standby (at least on my set); otherwise the updating occurs after switch-on.

I doubt if it is updated if a programme or programmes are running late.

  Newuser939 18:26 21 Jul 2007

yes, me again. I agree with you that videoplus with pdc took some beating as a means of programming recorders and I do not understand why a similar system could not be incorporated into EPG. But then, you will have noticed that I know nothing about this subject anyway.

  David4637 13:29 22 Jul 2007

When recording anything using a EPG, I always change the start time to 5 Minutes before its due to start, and add 20 minutes after its due to complete - this works 90% of the time. David

  Stuartli 15:48 22 Jul 2007

My 14-year-old Mitsubishi H58 Nicam VCR, in its day one of the flagships of its type, had the means to alter the beginning and end of recording times as desired after using VideoPlus; it was a rare feature at that time.

However, I much prefer to set the recording times manually as it's a very slick and quick procedure.

  anchor 16:00 23 Jul 2007

I do as David4637 does.

Use the EPG, but then change the timer settings to 5 mins earlier for the start, and 5 mins later for the end. Works OK almost all of the time.

Only really a problem when something like a sporting event seriously over-runs.

I found that PDC only works on my Panasonic VCR for BBC1 and BBC2. Unfortunately, it does not seems to be usable for HDD recorders.

  Stuartli 17:10 23 Jul 2007

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