An easier way to send text and video by CD/DVD

  TopCat® 18:00 02 Jun 2007

for my elderly distant brother to read easily but he does not have a computer. He reckons he's too old and lacks the courage to even try one, which would solve my problem. He has a normal CD player connected to hi-fi equipment and a DVD player rigged to the TV set.

Can anyone please suggest, if it's at all possible, how he could see and read text pages with pictures and view occasional video clips via his television set.

I've just posted him 2kg of printed A4 text pages for him to read but it would be much more economical and convenient for me if it could be sent on a CD. I can't think of any other way myself, so I'd be most grateful if anyone can suggest an alternative method. TC.

  Joe R 21:28 02 Jun 2007


you could use a photo-editors text facility, and save
each part as a jpeg.

It would then be possible to insert these into a slideshow, burned to either cd or dvd.

  Stuartli 22:24 02 Jun 2007

By gum, there's some reading matter there...:-)

  TopCat® 00:10 03 Jun 2007

Can you please explain 'a photo-editors text facility' to me in layman's language? If I manage to make this DVD, as this player is connected to his TV, how can each text page be read in sequence - what control will my brother have/use to move on or back to these pages, for example? TC.

  TopCat® 00:12 03 Jun 2007

Yes, there is! My old Epson CS760 inkjet took quite a hammering printing out that lot. :o) TC.

  Joe R 11:21 03 Jun 2007


In most if not all, photo-image program, there is a facility to add text to photographs.

I know it will be time consuming, but you can add whatever photo/s you require, then add text, either on, below or above the photo.

You can also open a new blank page in the program, and use it for text only.

A slideshow has normally got a choice of how long each page appears on the screen, as the slideshow is running, but if your brother feels as if he has not got long enough, to read each page, it is just a matter of pausing the dvd player, at any stage.

While making a slideshow, you yourself, add each page in the order that you wish them to be in, so you then control which order the pages are shown in.

  TopCat® 14:03 03 Jun 2007

I think I have misled you, Joe R, on the picture front. The pictures I meant are the ones included on the webpage, for example like this: click here and not actually separate, real photos. I apologise for not making this clearer.

I and my brother have a keen interest in all things naval, especially historic items about various battles and epic voyages. I've just sent him the history of Cunard and many more items of interest. If only I could get him to try a low-spec computer with a CD-ROM then life would be much easier! :o( TC.

  TopCat® 14:07 03 Jun 2007

For some reason the link always goes to the home page. Click the history tab above and then any shipping line for the pictures I'm on about. TC.

  Joe R 15:21 03 Jun 2007


it could still be done in the slideshow way, by just saving the pics as jpg's.

  TopCat® 16:16 03 Jun 2007

Can you recommend a suitable program I could try, please? A free one or a trial download, if at all possible, as I don't want to pay out only to find I can't get the hang of things. Thanks, TC.

  Joe R 16:47 03 Jun 2007

Nero or roxio both have the slideshow feature in their respective programs.

There are also a few free ones here

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