DVD/VCR recorder, how good are they?

  snowy30 17:32 25 May 2011

I have a big collection of old VHS tapes, the majority of them have films that I have recorded off the TV, and some of them are pre-recorded I bought in the past. A few months ago my VCR of 18yrs packed in I really loved that old machine - despite its age it still looked and played real good. It's completely dead! I tried to look for a PSU for it, which, to my knowledge, would be the cause. E-mailed Sanyo and of course, as expected, that part is discontinued.

Anyway, I've been looking at some VCR/DVD recorders, so I can transfer the films from tape to DVD. I needn't bother with a DVD/VCR recorder or a video player itself if it haven't been for little bits of classic television I managed to caught on tape that I'll know I can never find on DVD or through downloadable media.


  BT 17:49 25 May 2011

We've had an AKAI DVD/VCR machine for ages. You can Record/Tranfer either way and also from aerial/Cable/satellite like a normal recorder.

Always found AKAI machines excellent.

Not sure of what's available now but I wouldn't hesitate in buying one .

  Henry9000 20:32 25 May 2011

I've had a Panasonic DMR-ES30V that has been great for copying a lot of my old tapes from camcorders and TV onto DVD. Don't expect it to work on copy-protected tapes though. Also worth noting that it's picky about what DVDs will play, even DVD-RAMs that are the Panasonic speciality, so be careful if you intend to write to DVD on your computer - no problem with DVDs created on the unit itself. Also I'm disappointed that mine packed up yesterday! A few minutes on the net suggests that the problem is failed capacitors that are very difficult to replace. This fault seems to be common with these Panasonic machines. However I have had 5 trouble-free years.

  nutty norm 23:52 26 May 2011

I Have just bought a DVD panasonic recorder and i have been able to put most of my old VHS Tape on to DVD I Slipped up and bought some dvd+ dvds and had a lot of problem with , At the moment i have got some TDK DVD-ones which seem to work fine, i also have some pre-recorded proffesional VHS and have tried to record with out any success, so i think its just best to do the ones i took of the television many moons ago, i have got a two year warranty on the panasonic i am hoping by them i will have used up all ofthe VHS Tapes, Nutty norm

  brindly 19:53 11 Jul 2011

I have a TV card in my computer and have connected a scart to my freeview digi box and DVD/VCR player. I then use a comp connection from the scart to the computer and play the TV/tape/DVD on to hard drive then put it in to Pinnacle and edit and burn to DVD. Works great because I can connect almost anything with a comp port.My sony handicam works the same way.

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