DVD recording with movie maker

  IAN2112 15:33 04 Feb 2008

Hi ya....I seem to be having a frustrating problem with the above.I'm new to this so the answer is probably in front of me. I have attempted to transfer dv footage of last years HOLS onto my pc,now editing and adding audio/effects etc i had no problem with.What i want to do now is transfer the saved movie onto DVD quality hard copy.First attempts with MM seem to not like what i have recorded,or any attempt looks like it would take forever.I left it transfering one night,left it at 1% before going to bed by morning it had got to 1% so something is wrong somewhere.I have about 95-100 mins of footage,onto Panasonic Dvd-r media.The writer i'm using is Pioneer dvr-112d...
My processor could be a problem i guess its only 1.7ghzP4,but what other things could be giving me this problem. Please can someone advise before more blank media ends up in the bin......thanks

  jack 17:15 04 Feb 2008

Windows cant burn DVD's on its own.
Whilst there are proprietry ones - Nero for example
By far and away the best is free
click here

  IAN2112 17:36 04 Feb 2008

Thank you Jack...i will attempt to use this,is there anything else i need to do before i attempt to burn the DVD.The final movie is in MSWMM format don't forget, so will this software convert the finished movie to a watchable or workable version.....

  jack 19:53 04 Feb 2008

The final movie is in MSWMM format don't forget, so will this software convert the finished movie to a watchable or workable version.....
Good question

The disk will get burned that OK
whether the file can be played depends on what device you intend to play it on.
If it is hoped to be played on a TV type DVD player then check out with the manual what files it can cope with.
There is a huge diversity with various players ability to read various files.
Usually it it the cheaper player that can cope with the most.
This may help
click here

  David4637 20:56 04 Feb 2008

You really need a better video edit S/W so you can burn direct to DVD. As said WMM will not burn to DVD direct you need to convert it before burning and this may not be saiisfactory. Ulead, Elements, or Studio V9 or greater. I use the latter. David

  jack 09:47 05 Feb 2008

Finally [;-}] don't forget to FINALIZE any disk you burn otherwise the DVD player will not recognize it, although it will play on the machine that burned it

  anchor 12:59 05 Feb 2008

For best quality, save your edited movie from WMM as an AVI file.

WMV files, (saved to best quality), will work, but the quality is not quite so good.

You can then convert it to DVD format, and burn to a DVD, using the free DVD Flick, which I have found good.

Such a long movie will take a long time to convert, depending on the power of your PC, which seems is not high.

click here

  IAN2112 14:13 05 Feb 2008

Hi again. I'm very grateful to those that are helping here but i think we have advanced a little too much ahead of where i think i'am..
I have tried all manner of conversion software today but i seem to be stuck at that point.
Lets recap..
Final saved movie is saved to desktop for ease..(is this wrong)
This is listed as MSWMM file and trying to manually change that does not work,tried to drag&drop into convertor which does not work or browsing for it when placed somewhere else. Summing up the saved file(wmm)reports a file format error whatever i do,i'm thinking the worst here and i will have to compile the full video again with software other WMM.........thanks again

  Les28 16:09 05 Feb 2008

Sounds very much like you are confusing a WMM project file as a finished movie file, have you clicked on File in Movie Maker then Save Project As..that will create a MSWMM file which is a project file, a work in progress file not a finished movie file. Project files like this are often used when you may not have enough time to complete your work in one session, so you create a project file and can continue working on that project later, providing your original captured footage from the camcorder is still on the pc's hard drive, so that the project file can refer to that footage.

To make a completed movie file from your edited footage you need to click on File then Save Movie File...then Movie Location select My Computer then click Next then give a name and location for the saved movie file then click next then select Other Settings, that's the third radio button down and from the dropdown list select DV-AVI (PAL) and your movie will be saved as an AVI file.

Your DVD video burning software should do the conversion from AVI to DVD format when it makes the DVD, the converted DVD file will be about only a fifth of the size of your AVI, so if you have an hours worth of AVI file from Windows Movie Maker it will be about 13 GB's but will fit on to a 4.7 GB single sided DVD disc OK when your DVD video burning software has done the conversion as part of the process of burning a video DVD.

I normally import from camcorder, edit, then save edited file as AVI then I burn that file as a DVD video in Nero Vision Express 3. I don't burn direct from the video editing programme I'm using, but that's up to the individual, I'd just sooner burn the AVI to DVD later.

  Les28 18:36 05 Feb 2008

You will need plenty of free hard drive space when working with video and the hard drive should be defragged before and after capturing and after saving your final AVI file, so you will need free hard drive space not only for capturing but for defragging the captured video.
Ideally you shouldn't have any other programmes running while working with video particularly things like screensavers I usually disconnect from the internet and switch off my antivirus and firewall, plus Windows Updater before video work and when burning DVD later.

An hour of DV-AVI from your camcorder is about 13 GB's, if room is a problem I would take smaller blocks say 20 minutes from the camcorder, that's about 4 GB's edit it, then save the edited file as a DV-AVI (PAL ), then delete the original 4GB's of source material from the hard drive to recover available free space and carry on like this, then you can either join the edited AVI clips in WMM and save as one complete final AVI file or join them in your DVD video burning programme as part of the making of the DVD.

I'm assuming your camcorder is a mini DV tape camcorder?

I used to edit video on a 1.7Ghz machine and no problems, made quite a few DVD's on that machine, I did up the RAM from 256 MB to 768 MB, the rendering of the video, the joining up all the transitions and cuts to make the final AVI file etc, took about 4 times real time but I just left the pc alone to get on with it.

  IAN2112 00:27 06 Feb 2008

Hello again...It certainly looks like [les28] has moved me onto the next level with this project and i'm most grateful.I have managed to save movie correctly this time.Nearly !! I had to save in WMV i'm afraid as i do not have enough disc space for AVI.I will attempt to convert that tomorrow because over 12hours today has been enough for one day. I will report back of course...

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