DVD Recorder wont recognise discs

  magnus35 19:02 12 Jan 2008

DVD recorder model -


Format DVD+/R/RW

Machine is about 2 years old .

Takes ages to respond to presses of remote .

Often it fails to play even shop bought dvds , stating 'error disc' . Occasionaly will play after several attempts , or on a different day .

After recording to fresh blank dvd , the disc physically looks as though there is something on it but player reads it as blank then refuses to record anything onto it or finalise . With DVDRW disc it will say that the 'burnt' disc is blank but if attempt is made to record further a message appears saying that it is not a recognised format and do I wish to erase the disc in order to record on it ?

Have tried resetting to factory settings and retuning to no avail .

Can anybody suggest what might be wrong , or is it ready for the bin ?

  silverous 23:43 12 Jan 2008

Sounds like ready for bin to me.

  silverous 23:43 12 Jan 2008

Sounds like ready for bin to me.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 13 Jan 2008

Run a lens cleaner through it.

  jack 17:47 13 Jan 2008

Does seem to be a candidate for the bin
The alleged RW capability aside- these items seldom in my experience work anywhere except on the machine the made it.
I notice also that you are aware of Finalizing to get any CD to play on any other kit.

  magnus35 23:32 13 Jan 2008

Thanks for the responses .

Unfortunately , lens cleaning didn't make any difference .

Time for a new machine I think , but I'll give it some more thought as recordings from the telly are spoilt by the logos which seem to be taking up more and more space on screen .

  silverous 10:19 14 Jan 2008

Logos from telly spoiling recordings?
Now I'm confused.... surely the logos (if you mean the broadcaster ones) are on any recordings?!

  magnus35 00:21 16 Jan 2008

I don't mean that the logos have any effect on recording quality , just that they greatly interfere with viewing pleasure . BBC1 , BBC2 , ITV1 and CH4 are logo free at the moment but even they can spoil things by interrupting the final moments of programmes to announce what's on next . It seems to me that they are doing their bit to boost DVD sales to those who prefer a 'clean' copy of a programme or film .

  jack 10:32 16 Jan 2008

Surely Channel ID is only evident on digital channels.
I do not know of any way of removing them- it seems to the an broadcasting requirement.

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