dvd recorder cant find AV channel on tv-HELP

  Chyna262 21:27 11 Sep 2007

we are trying to connect dvd recorder to our tv and sky box so we can record from sky. But the recorder isn't finding the AV that sky is connected to

  holme 22:26 11 Sep 2007

Much more detail is required to have any chance of answering this one I'm afraid. Otherwise we'll simply be stabbing in the dark for days/nights. The sort of information required is:

What's the make/model of the DVD recorder?
How have you got them cabled up: Sky-to-recorder, then recorder-to-TV, or something else?
What have you got connected to the 'TV' SCART socket on the Sky box?
What have you got connected to the 'VCR' SCART socket on the Sky box?
Have you configured the Sky box to output RGB? Or PAL?
Which SCART connection are you using for Recorder IN?
Have you configured that to input RGB?
Which SCART connection are you using for Recorder OUT?
Have you configured that to output RGB?
Does the recorder work OK on playback?
If you select System Setup on the Sky box, does anything come up on the TV?
Have you tried different SCART leads?
Have you checked they're thoroughly plugged in and havn't come adrift when moving the box(es)?
Is there any sound output from Sky channels, or is it video and audio that's missing?
Have you tried connecting the Sky box directly to the TV? (In case the Sky box has failed).
Etc etc.

  holme 22:35 11 Sep 2007

I should have mentioned that we may not be able to deal with this one for another 1-2 days, but hopefully someone else may be able to answer quickly. If not, we'll get back to you as ASAP.

  silverous 14:18 12 Sep 2007

assuming you have connected the VCR scart socket on your SKY box to the input on your DVD-R you'll have to make sure you select that particular input on your DVD Recorder. When you say "isn't finding the AV" I presume you mean you choose AV on your TV to get SKY ? You'll have to do something similar on the DVD-R, by choosing a different 'input' than normal TV.

  holme 18:31 12 Sep 2007

Hi. My colleague who sent our previous post is still away but I couldn't help noticing what you said about connecting a DVD recorder to the 'VCR' SCART socket on the Sky box.

I hope you don't mind my mentioning it but, although logical if you're replacing a VCR, that's no longer the recommended method. The problem is that the VCR socket does not (and indeed cannot) output the higher-quality RGB video for use with a DVD recorder, so is limited to the lesser-quality Composite video. That's fine for VCRs, but doesn't begin to do justice to DVD standards.

So most manufacturers now recommend cabling the 'TV' SCART socket to the DVD recorder In and configuring it to output RGB video. Then connect the DVD recorder OUT (also configured for RGB) to the TV, in a daisy chain fashion. Normally you can watch and record from Sky, unless you set the recorder to Play, in which case that takes precedence.

If it's any use to you, we've got a recommended connection block diagram and explanatory notes which we've been sending out to various people. So if you'd like a copy, in PDF format, could you let us have your email address (via the yellow envelope please) and we'll send them to you. HTH.

(This is why my colleague didn't want to answer Chyna262's query until we had some idea of how their system is connected up and configured, otherwise we'd only confuse the issue for them.)

  silverous 09:30 13 Sep 2007

holme, its been a while since I've connected up a SKY+ to the DVD recorder. I just wanted to get the ball rolling rather than putting someone off with a million questions. They referred to connecting the DVD to the sky box also so I assumed they had followed this method.

They also referred to AV that sky is connected to...again suggesting that SKY is conncted to the DVD.... I may be wrong but that is my assumption which I stated at the start. I find it can help sometimes to make educated assumptions about a situation particularly as we have found in this case when it takes someone a while to come back to the forum.

  holme 11:08 13 Sep 2007

All points taken and thanks for that. But to avoid confusion, just to confirm that the current "recommended method" (i.e. by a number of manufacturers) is indeed to connect a DVD recorder *direct* to a Sky or Sky+ box - but to the 'TV' SCART socket, not the 'VCR' socket. Then connect from the recorder to the TV. My colleague gave the reasons above.

This is hearsay, but reportedly one of the major players (I'm guessing Panasonic) got their retailers' engineers to check how people were connecting up their kit when called out to assist, and found that no less than 82% were mis-connected in various ways. Over half of those resulted in the systems working, but limited to composite video, not RGB. I guess it's a bit like getting a shiny new motor, and never getting out of third gear... :-?

  silverous 14:23 13 Sep 2007

When you say "your colleague" are you guys working for a company that's posting here?

  silverous 14:25 13 Sep 2007

I think I'd better check how mine is cabled up!

  holme 14:49 13 Sep 2007

Yes, there are (typically) four of us at "Holme", one or more of whom can be posting from the office or from home. If from the office, we usually compare notes before posting. We're not in the audio-video business as such but, between us, have managed to help oodles of people based on our own experiences - and by learning from lots of mistakes! :-)

  holme 17:43 13 Sep 2007

Just for interest, we're currently dealing with a similar topic click here and it turns out that Sony of all people are still advocating the 'old-fashioned' connection method, click here

This entails using 3 SCART leads, you have to switch the TV input between watching NTL and recorder playback, and it can't record higher-definition RGB video from the NTL box.

The "recommended method" uses only 2 SCART leads, no TV switching is involved and you can record RGB. Mmm... ;-)

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