DVD playback quality?

  Bobbyboy2 20:57 20 Oct 2008

I have a new Panasonic DMR-EX768EB DVD recorder.
When playing back items recorded on the HD the picture breaks up into pixels for a few seconds then all is well, during a 2hr film this may happen 6/8 times.
Why is this and is there a solution.

Thanks for any help.

  MCE2K5 22:35 20 Oct 2008

When you did the recordings did you get picture break-up while watching, Could indicate bad weather (Rain) or a Car going past your House.

Which Recording Mode are you using,



Chances are you are using LP, Try using SP.

  Bobbyboy2 07:46 21 Oct 2008

I do most of the recordigs in XP mode and as i live in a close cars going by are rare.

When watching live tv this sort of break-up only happens very, very ocassionally.

An example of what is happening is Saturday evening, we watched 'Frost' recorded from the previous Sunday and the picture broke up for only a second or 2 at least a dozen times.

  canarieslover 12:44 21 Oct 2008

Digital tuners seem to be a bit variable in sensitivity. I have just bought a new Toshiba TV and I am experiencing more 'break-up' than I did before with an analogue TV attached to a digi-box. Next step is to try a different aerial.

  oresome 12:45 21 Oct 2008

Are you using the tuner in the DVD recorder when watching live TV, or an integrated TV or set top box feeding the TV?

  Bobbyboy2 13:33 21 Oct 2008

TV with integrated tuner when watching live TV.

  oresome 15:34 21 Oct 2008

I suspect that the break up is on the reception side of the HD recorder then, rather than any problem with the actual recording process or playback.

I agree with canarieslover that digital receivers vary in this respect.

  theDarkness 22:55 21 Oct 2008

my freeview boxes all jump in sound and picture for a split second whenever a mobile phone in the same room receives a signal, eg text message or similar, so i suspect most inner digital tuners to be just as sensitive. there may be no way around it other than to keep it far from all other electronic devices if you want a perfect recording! near impossible. Digital tv is quite a few seconds behind what i get on analogue. in the worst circumstances, i personally would prefer a slightly grainy picture of analogue to the random sound skip and picture jumping of digital any day.. sure, digital tv may get better and become less prone to interference, but at the moment i am not convinced on its superiority.. Lol! !

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