DVD / HDD recorder composite output

  Raving Dave 15:46 09 Oct 2007

Thinking of upgrading from old VHS recorder to a DVD/HDD recorder.

Does anyone whether the composite output on these devices includes not just the aerial RF signal that is fed in, but also the output from whatever is currently playing on the DVD/HDD machine?

My current (On)digital box and VHS recorders both do this, and this allows me to send the composite output signal to a distribution box which is then piped to all the aerial sockets around the house. End result is that I can watch a Video or Digital Channel on any TV in the house.

However, I recently bought a new digital tuner, and the composite in/out simply looped the RF signal through the machine, and did not add in the digital channnel, so I cannot pump the digital channel around the house.

How do the RF loops on the the new DVD/HDD recorders work? Straight pass through, or do any add in the whatever the machine is playing?


  anchor 16:42 09 Oct 2007

My Panasonic HDD/DVD recorder does not convert its output to an RF signal. As you say, such conversion was normal with VHS.

Don`t know about other makes.

  jack 17:27 09 Oct 2007

It is usually the case that the outputs on these devices are via SCART and RCA[yellow composite red/white stereo audio.]
Which does what will vary according to model/ make
You can use either/or or both together

  Raving Dave 17:36 09 Oct 2007

I do use the SCART / RCA outputs to connect to the TV that is physically in the same room as the recorder/digital box.

However what I also currently do (and would like to continue to do) is to route an RF signal around the rest of the house which also includes the DVD/HDD player output so it can be viewed via any aerial socket.

  john bunyan 18:30 09 Oct 2007

Raving Dave. I bought a Phillips AV wireless sender which sends an AV signal from a Panasonic HDD DVD recorder to an upstairs TV with a matching receiver; works quite well.

  Raving Dave 19:38 09 Oct 2007

Having done some more research I'm thinking what I need to buy is an RF Adaptor. Seems for about £15 you can plug in a scart + RF cable as inputs, which then get combined into a single RF output.

  john bunyan 17:28 10 Oct 2007

Raving Dave. Good idea. in Comet they have some excellent free wiring diagrams from Monster. (monstercable.com/europe).

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