Drivers for Mustek CG-30000L handheld Scanner

  belcanto 21:37 21 Aug 2006

Hi there, can anyone tell me or send me the drivers for a 2nd hand Mustek CG-30000L handheld Scanner. I got it from ebay but it came with no drivers-went to both Mustek as well as but no joy. Can anyone help as it has got a cardbus connector ideal for my laptop.



  DieSse 21:47 21 Aug 2006

Can you confirm that make and model please - Google cannot find any references to it anywhere on the net!

  belcanto 23:19 21 Aug 2006

yes it is the Mustek CG-30000L handheld Scanner as I said the serial number is; AE5002737, it is a 16 bit colour handscanner.

Hope you can help


  DieSse 23:41 21 Aug 2006

Sorry - but just can't find such a product anywhere. You could try this general purposey sounding driver - nothing ventured and all that click here

  jack 12:05 24 Aug 2006

Hand Held Scanners and 16 bit - almost definately not now compatable with the current 32/64 bit- NT based systems
I would suggest it is only fit for a museum or the bin.
That is why Mustuk no longer list the item or its software.

  DieSse 14:34 24 Aug 2006

*Hand Held Scanners and 16 bit - almost definately not now compatable with the current 32/64 bit- NT based systems*

jack - in case you are not fully aware, the 16.bit part for the scanner is to do with colour depth, and totally unrelated to the number of bits the processor works with.

There absolutely no technical reason for it not to be compatible. However older products often don't have new drivers written for them, unfortunately.

  jack 14:55 24 Aug 2006

Thank you
I am aware, but these things do tend to go hand in hand
So a typical Scanner may now offer 16/24/48 options
but if it is 16 bit only this to me implies its a bit long in th tooth.

  jack 20:00 24 Aug 2006

There was a long long thread last year some time about scanners made for DOS systems-Win 3.1/95/98 not
translating to NTFS
As far as I can recall- Scanners makers ,Mustrek included did offer driver updates, but in the main were not entirely successful.
It seemed that scanners have firmware the controls the device and being built for DOS would not accept even an NTFS conversion.
However as you now have it, it would not harm to play around a little
Download a driver for an early Mustek[any one]
set up and go to Windows Program Compatibility Wizard
and try to get it to run as Win 95/98 [Go to My Computer/Help/Windows compatibility Wizard.
See what happens

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