The dreaded red spot here?

  jack 08:54 02 Aug 2007

The dreaded red spot in a blank from is a familiar issue with those of us that try to download images- and the the remedy is well known - for PC users.

One of my flock has complained that when uploading images from her camera she is getting the odd frame with the red spot- not all frames from a particular session just the occasional one or two.
I am familiar with corrupt images that can happen and the results they can produce - but thus is a new one to me.
So what have we - A memory card issue
A Camera issue[or both]
or a PC issue?

  jack 12:07 02 Aug 2007


  brundle 17:35 02 Aug 2007

Uploading where? Some people say `uploading` when they are transferring images from camera to computer, if the transfer is between computer and internet the suggestions will differ. Please clarify...

  jack 19:49 02 Aug 2007

Camera to Computer
Hence my last 3 lines

  brundle 20:04 02 Aug 2007

Just making sure.
What software is used to view the pictures once transferred?

  jack 20:29 02 Aug 2007

No idea
I think I will have to go see what she is up to /
So I'll let coast for a while - some one may have experienced the same

  amonra 15:37 05 Aug 2007

I know the feeling. Have a look at the post by BT in my query in this forum "CF Card Corruption".
Could be happening to you ? Perhaps a bit too quick on the trigger.

  jack 17:19 05 Aug 2007

Amonra Thanks for that just checked out the post

you see when I have had images corrupt in the post
on my Oly E10, I have has 'half an image are coloured bands and such like and yes it transpired then - too quick with the snapper and not allowing the write process to complete.
My current E300 does not have this problem - so far.

But the problem as reported to me was the blank/frame red spot syndrome , which
I have never come across on transferred images only on Internet recieved images.
I'll tick it off for now,as not reolved ;-) of course
The moment has gone for going to see the lady she is off on her travels and will forgotton all about it on her return with more images to show us.

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