Does this HDMI DVD player also upscale to 720p?

  Armchair 20:58 24 Nov 2007

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and here it is again:-

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I want to buy an HDMI DVD player that will upscale to 720p, because that's all the tv set my brother has bought does, and I want to buy something that'll work with it (preferably a Sony, like the tv).

This is the tv set he bought, btw, if it helps to answer my questions:-

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Or have I got this all wrong, and it will display 1080? I really am confused, lol.

  anskyber 21:29 24 Nov 2007

Looking at the TV.

It's easy to get confused between pixels and scaling. Your TV will display at 1080i by scaling (software adjustment) even though it does not have the pixel count.

In simple terms it will display at all sorts of resolutions by software adjustment. It cannot display at 1080p because it does not have the pixels to do so or the software to handle it.

So as an example Sky TV will output at 1080i (nothing from Sky even HD is better than 1080i) and the TV will display the picture, other sources may display at different resolutions and the TV will be able to display usually 720p.

  anskyber 21:33 24 Nov 2007

Looking at the DVD player.

The player will take standard DVD's and upscale to 1080p OR the highest scaling level that the receiving TV will take. In your case it's 1080i.

The two sets will work fine together.

  Armchair 21:35 24 Nov 2007


Now I'm even more befuddled!

That DVD player. Can it only display 1080, or could it be set to 720?

  anskyber 21:36 24 Nov 2007

Usually sets can be asked to display at whatever scaling you wish. I think you will find that the best picture will be displayed at 1080i.

  Armchair 21:36 24 Nov 2007

Oh, right, scrap that last post!

Cheers. I'll try and get one of those DVD players then. They're flippin' £90 at Currys, you know. What a rip-off.

  Armchair 22:05 24 Nov 2007

So, this one would do the job just as well (even though it isn't a Sony), presumably..........

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It only upscales to 720p and 1080i, not 1080p, but they sell for £50 at Argos, which is convenient. I might just get one of those tomorrow.

  Armchair 22:06 24 Nov 2007

Whoops, wrong link!

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  anskyber 22:17 24 Nov 2007


  anskyber 22:20 24 Nov 2007

PS, that is a yes to will it work and upscale to 1080i.

The quality of the scaling and ultimately the quality of the picture will depend on the quality of the software which is used to do the scaling.

In other words not all DVD players will produce the same picture quality as each other even though they scale to the same level. So it's a case of doing the best you can within the budget you are working with.

  anskyber 22:23 24 Nov 2007

As a further PS HDMI connections do not yet (mostly) have an auto detect signal which tells the TV you are using it, scarts do. So when using the HDMI connector you will need to select it manually from the AV input selector on the remote.

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