Do i need a smartphone or tablet? Help please.

  welshboy15 09:23 02 Apr 2015

Hello everybody.I want to know if you only use a smartphone occasionally can you take out the battery to keep from having to charge it all the time.Or if this is not a good idea what can you do to minimalise battery drain.I want to buy a smartphone to take on holiday to watch a movie or music video occaisonally.I don't have electricity at home.I charge my 2g phone on my van but even this lasts a long time because I don't make many calls or texts.I am an old guy,i am not interested in being tethered to such devices,i just need it for 2 months when I am abroad in the winter.If someone can help I'd appreciate that.Thank you.

  Batch 10:27 02 Apr 2015

Like any mobile phone, you can turn a smart phone off (to save battery).

If you leave the phone turned on, but not actually using it (e.g. so the screen goes off), the battery drain is pretty low and will last quite a while (you'd have to look at individual phone specs for details of standby times).

The biggest drain on a smartphone is anything that keeps the screen active. So watching movie or music videos can be a big hit.

All the above also applies to a tablet.

  wee eddie 10:48 02 Apr 2015

If you are going abroad, the cost of downloading a movie can be prohibitive due to Roaming Charges

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:48 03 Apr 2015

Smart phones are expensive if your not going to use it that much.

Buy a cheap tablet like a Hudl from Tesco and copy some films to a sd card on it or even to a usb stick.

You can charge the tablet the same as a phone in your van.

I have an old Nexus 7 with an on the go cable so I can connect a USB memory stick with films ad pictures for while I'm away

  Forum Editor 22:58 03 Apr 2015

*Fruit Bat /\0/* is on the right track.

I agree with him that a Hudl would be ideal for your purpose - provided you don't want to make phone calls of course.

When you travel you could take a solar charger, and provided you are somewhere where the sun shines for a reasonable length of time you wouldn't need access to mains power at all. Something like this would be ideal.

Hudl plus solar charger = around £150 - much cheaper to buy than a reasonable smart phone, and a lot cheaper to run.

  Zak 20:22 04 Apr 2015

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