Do I need a digital TV?

  hdnewbie 17:27 27 Dec 2007


I've got a fairly new but not HD ready TV and I was wondering if it is possible to buy an HD ready DVD/HDD recorder and let that receive the digital signal as opposed to the TV. It would probably mean the the recorder has to be switched on every time I use the TV but I would assume that allows me to watch and record anything HD. Or am I wrong here?



  john bunyan 18:37 27 Dec 2007

I think you are confusing HD and Freeview / digital. Yes you can buy a Freeview enabled DVD recorder and use it like a set top box as a tuner for your tv. Unless you subscribe to ,say, Sky + there are few sources as yet of HD tv broadcasts. HD inputs hav to come from something like a blue ray player, and your tv wont show them anyway.

  MCE2K5 23:45 27 Dec 2007

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  Stuartli 10:20 28 Dec 2007

If as you say your TV is not HD capable (it's rare these days), then there will be no difference whether or not you use an HD source to display on it.

  hdnewbie 17:17 29 Dec 2007

Thanks guys. As you've probably figured I haven't got a clue about all that stuff. Bought the TV ( Samsung LE27T61B ) because people said in the forums that it IS HD ready but it doesn't mention it in the manual so I AM getting confused here. It doesn't have the built-in freeview capabilities but if I can connect to a recorder with the built-in digital tuner meaning that I can both watch and record all the channels then that is what I'm after. So far I've only got the separate digibox but can only tape the 5 standard channels. So I think I'm a big step further thanks to your help.

  john bunyan 18:32 29 Dec 2007

You could buy a DVD recorder with a built in freeview tuner and use it either as a tuner to watch freeview via your t v, or record freeview programmes. If you want to watch one freeview channel while watching another, you could record on the DVD recorder and watch freeview via a separate digibox. Some PVR's (only record to hard drive),like some Humax models have two built in freeview tuners. If you can afford it I would reccomend a Panasonic or Sony DVD recorder with freeview, a hard drive and disc burning possibility. HD is a differet subject and as yet few tv programmes are broadcast in HD.

  john bunyan 18:35 29 Dec 2007

Sorry , should have said "... watch one freeview channel while RECORDING another ..."

  hdnewbie 12:27 30 Dec 2007

Thanks John, I'll see what I can find. Ideally it comes with DVD, HDD and VCR so I can watch the old tapes as well and I've seen some of those starting at around £200. Thanks again, helped a lot.

  Stuartli 13:16 30 Dec 2007

>>I've seen some of those starting at around £200>>

You might care to point me to a few links - doubtful if you would get all three...:-)

The best PVR twin tuner on the market is the Humax PVR 9200T.

By the way, you should/will be able to continue to use your video cassette recorder with your Samsung (I'm assuming that it just has an analogue tuner as it's probably more than a year old); usually modern TVs have both an analogue and digital tuner.

All a Freeview set top box does is receive digital TV and radio transmissions and convert the signals back to analogue so that you can watch them.

That's why you will be able to continue using such equipment after the full digital change over.

You can also still record to a VCR even after the change over if you input the programmes from a Freeview STB; as before the digital signals are converted to analogue, but you may need to use a channel such as L1 or L2 on the VCR itself.

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