Do I have to buy a Canon dongle?

  bambooze 18:25 07 Jan 2009

Hello -

I have just bought a Canon Pixma iP100 printer. It has a Bluetooth option but (surprise surprise) you have to buy the dongle separately for about £50. Here's my question:

Can I buy any old cheap USB 2.0 dongle (provided it fits in the printer slot), or do I have to stick to the official Canon version (a BU-30)?

If any dongle would work, what would you go for?

Any help gratefully received!

  Forum Editor 19:00 07 Jan 2009

have to stick to a Canon dongle. Bluetooth is a connective technology, so any reasonable Bluetooth dongle should work.

  bambooze 19:05 07 Jan 2009

Thanks for the quick reply. Very helpful. I'll start looking for a cheaper dongle. Are there any points to look out for when buying one?

  Chegs ®™ 06:33 08 Jan 2009

Yes,ensure it will work in whatever operating system your using.I have a cheap bluetooth dongle(£10) that worked great in XP but refuses to work in Vista.I tried to download its latest driver but the brand requires me to pay for the latest driver software so I'll just buy another dongle(I can get a Belkin for about the same price I'm being asked to pay for the driver software)

  bambooze 08:59 09 Jan 2009

Thanks Chegs - that's helpful - I think I'll go for a Belkin mini bluetooth adapter that works across XP and Vista and takes up little space (since Canon, unsurprisingly, have left a very small space for the dongle). Thanks very much for your advice. Much appreciated.

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