fazer 11:06 06 Oct 2006

May I have your opinions please ....

Have recently acquired one of these machines but am a little disappointed with its recording to hard drive capability in SP mode and was wondering whether my expectations are too high (this is my first DVD recorder so have no previous experience to benchmark against).

What I have noticed is that when you have for example a close-up slow moving portrait scene, the pixels around the cheeks remain "fixed" for a few seconds whilst the eyes continue to move. This gives quite a bizarre image. The effect is worse in dimly-lit scenes - "Wire in the Blood" for example.

As I mentioned previously, this is my first experience of dvd recording - is this as good as it gets? I shudder to think what the LP mode is like.

  De Marcus™ 11:16 06 Oct 2006

What source are you recording from?

Are all your cables firmly pushed in place?

Are you using decent quality cables?

If your recording from freeview, record a programme with dimly lit scenes whilst your actually watching it at the same to see if the blockiness is present in the source as well as the DVD.

Do you get the same blockiness when recording to the hard drive as opposed to DVD?

  De Marcus™ 11:21 06 Oct 2006

I should add that according to the spec sheet, SP mode isn't the highest quality available, something called xp mode is. Try that.

  fazer 11:59 06 Oct 2006

Thank you for the quick reply De Marcus.

Am using high quality cables - scart and RGB and about £200 worth(!) and all pushed in. Copying from TV aerial using the units freeview tuner to the hard drive. The effect I described is only on the recording.

The pixels aren't blocky or pixelated as such but appear "fixed." The effect is that when a scene moves, for a split second a patch of pixels will remain stationary which gives a non-synchronised effect. I can't really expand further except it looks as if the recorder stops recording the non-moving pixels and then there is a slight delay when that part of the image starts to move again.

  De Marcus™ 13:17 06 Oct 2006

Without sounding too pessimistic, it may be a problem with the recorder itself, my HDD recorder records exactly what I see on screen without variation in HQ mode, regardless of the method of playback (HDD or DVD).

It may well be down to something silly, perhaps a setting somewhere you've missed. I've noticed from the spec sheet it mentions 4 x natural gradation, I've an idea what that is but not 100%, but it would be a setting I'd be looking at if I had your problem.

  fazer 13:25 06 Oct 2006


I'll have a look at that when I get home.

  fazer 12:18 09 Oct 2006

Checked all the cables - all sitting correctly. Went through every "menu" - all ok (various changes made no difference).

Looked very, very closely at the TV output via the recorder (turned on and tuned) and compared with TV direct and there is a difference in quality - its significantly poorer via the recorder.

I really don't understand this because as I said before the cables are top-notch and this machine has been highly rated. Am I expecting too much?

  De Marcus™ 15:46 09 Oct 2006

Perhaps contact Panasonic and ask them about the signal loss once looped through the recorder.

Not much in the way of help, sorry.

  fazer 12:26 10 Oct 2006

De Marcus

Thanks for all your replies.

I remain stumped so will contact Panasonic as you suggest.

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