Display time for Texet photo frame

  xquest 12:27 25 Mar 2007

I've just bought a Texet Digi-7 Lifestyle photo frame from Tesco. This has the most abysmal user instructions I've ever seen. Does anyone know how to adjust the picture display time ?

  jack 20:56 25 Mar 2007

Here is a a website for this item

click here
- failing that E-mail Tesco

  xquest 21:58 25 Mar 2007

Thanks Jack. I have sent my question to the 'enquiry' email address on the Texet site. We shall see. I'll let you know if/when anything happens.

  xquest 11:19 30 Mar 2007

Further to my last email, the Texet help desk tell me that there is no way to alter the display time. However I have observed that certain photos linger for longer than others, so it might be a matter of file size. I shall experiment.

  jack 12:04 30 Mar 2007

If the dwell time is fixed, then only way to alter this is to multiple copy individual files.
So assume the dwell time is say 20 seconds
If you want a particular image to linger longer then copy it sequentially so if you want a one minute display- copy it 3 times,
You may have to mess with file numbers calling a particular file file number 1234a, 1234b 1234c and so on.
This will depend on the firmware in the deivice.
As you said - experiment.
IMHO these are hugely over priced gizmos- because its a new thing I guess.
I notice to get one of a sensible size 12/15 inch screen - is getting pretty close to the price of a low spec laptop.

  lorraineRF 20:23 09 Dec 2008

Can anyone help me with 'my' problem please.
I have just loaded my pics onto the frame (sizing them to 480) and the colours on some are really distorted. Some people look quite jaundiced with black edged lips!! Am I doing something wrong or, if I re-size the pics to another size could that fix it?
It is a cheap frame however(£29.99-Asda)could be the reason ie get what you pay for??



  welshhobbit 15:51 27 May 2011

i'm starting to wonder if texet are that good anyway i have a texet digital photo frame was bought out of birthday money - £40 not exactly cheap when u have no money - but i found after i'd loaded the chosen photos onto the usb stick i had to leave the stick in the frame as it wouldn't work otherwise but then not long ago it stopped working all together the plug still lights up but the frame does nothing and because it's out of it's year warranty asda will do nothing so that's £40 down the drain that i can't afford to lose so i'm not happy

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