The Digital/HD switch over debate

  jack 14:11 13 Jul 2008

Just to clear the air [ for me at any rate] following the flurry of posts on the topic in several threads,these past weeks, I have made this FAQ with Yes/No answers from you experts out there.
Perhaps it may help others too -

When it happens- my existing analogue TV and Dig set top box- will do the job. - Yes/No

If I go for a new TV now - Do I assume that it will be a digital model Yes/No

If it is a digital model then the existing Digital Box is redundant Yes/No

If I want HD, not with standing the HD ready label I will still need Freestat box Yes/No

When the switch over comes will HD go terrestrial with the freed up capacity Yes/No

What about existing DVD Recorder[Analogue] presumably this will need the existing Digi Box Yes/No

If so will the now converted to analogue feed from that recorder- be acceptable to the Digital TV Yes/No
What have I forgotten to ask?

  Terry Brown 16:23 13 Jul 2008

2-- check most but not al are digital
3--Depends on the package packed with the TV
4--For HD you need a digital package from SKY or Virgin for best results
5--Very Doubtful
6--I use my existing Analogue recorder to record digital signals OK, HD-- I do not think it will
7--Yes , I can play back programs recorded on my analogue recoder through my digital box (Virgin) to my TV
8-- For best results you ned a 'Plasma' screen.

  oresome 17:39 13 Jul 2008

Certainly don't assume a new TV will be digital. Retailers are still off-loading analogue only sets.

Even when the capability to broadcast HD eventually comes to terrestrial, much of the source material won't be HD. It is after all mainly repeats of programmes made years ago.

  jack 17:48 13 Jul 2008

Isn't everything that is watchable? ;-}

Thank you for the answers so far.

  Stuartli 21:30 13 Jul 2008

>>It is after all mainly repeats of programmes made years ago>>

It is only in comparatively recent times that programmes have started to be made using high definition equipment.

I have a Planet Earth DVD which, even on my 21in CRT monitor, produces a quite stunning display.

  Jim Thing 22:25 14 Jul 2008

Will HD ever be available via terrestrial? I thought terrestrial bandwidth limitations ruled it out — or have I misunderstood?

  oresome 22:48 14 Jul 2008

Jim Thing,

I understand trials are already taking place using a new compression technique.

  Jim Thing 22:49 14 Jul 2008

With respect, I don't think Jack's first question can be answered with an unqualified Yes.

It's Yes as far as receiving and displaying standard-definition TV is concerned, but an existing analog TV plus digital STB won't handle high-definition.

  Jim Thing 22:51 14 Jul 2008

Noted. Many thanks.

  oresome 22:54 14 Jul 2008

HD trials link

click here

  Jim Thing 23:14 14 Jul 2008

Interesting, thanks. But at my age I don't suppose I'll be around to see the result — if it ever gets as far as N. Ireland; we don't even switch off analog until 2012.

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