Digital switchover

  bionicle 21:27 28 Jan 2009

A relative of mine will be affected by the digital switchover later this year. The problem is that she has a two year old hard disc DVD recorder connected to the TV. Had hoped to just add a Freeview box but this will mean loosing the ability to record one channel while watching another. She has been advised to buy a PVR with Freeview and twin digital tuners. Seems unfortunate and an expensive waste of existing Hard disc DVD recorder. If she bought two freeview boxes and connected one to the TV and one to the existing DVD Hard disc would this work or really be quite cumbersome to use?

  six-h 22:15 28 Jan 2009

Didn't know that there were any analogue HDD Recorders, much less as recent as the last two years!
You may find that you need the help of a forum specialising in TV/PVR/Freeview questions.
If you've got the make and model of the HDD recorder, and TV, these folk are quite knowledgeable: -click here
or: -click here

  bionicle 22:32 28 Jan 2009

Thanks six-h. I think the issue is that the analogue signal is being turned off ( Border TV region) and so input of TV signal will need to be from a digital source, hence freeview box. That then leaves the issue of needing to have two digital feeds in order that one feed supplies the DVD hard disc recorder while the other supplies the other programme to the TV.

  wiz-king 06:39 29 Jan 2009

Two freeview boxes - thats the cheap and easy way to go.

  natdoor 09:43 29 Jan 2009

Two freeview boxes would appear to be best, depending upon the interface arrangements.

If the DVD recorder can accept an output from a freeview box (Scart, component or composite video)then an RF modulator is not required. Modern freeview boxes, although having RF feed-through, generally do not include an RF output of the digital channel to which the box is tuned. If one is needed,a vcr could be used for that purpose.

For convenient programming of the freeview box being used for recording, it will be necessary to have its output displayed on the TV, again via Scart or component/composite video. If necessary, a Scart switch can be used to share one Scart TV input between the two freeview boxes. The timer setting for the recorder would presumably be done as at present.

I apologise if this was already clear to you. Given satifactory facilities on the recorder and TV I do not think it would be too cumbersome to use but not as convenient as a twin-tuner PVR.

  oresome 10:06 29 Jan 2009

As others have stated, two STB's will do what is wanted, but the operation to record a programme will be cumbersome.

  Stuartli 10:12 29 Jan 2009

To the best of my knowledge, Border TV's analogue transmissions ceased last year.

It could be that your relative is being served by Granada, which undergoes the switchover towards the end of this year.

  bionicle 19:40 29 Jan 2009

Thanks everyone. Border region switchover is between Nov 2008 and finishes 2009. I think we may have to go the twin tuner PVR route for the sake of simplicity.

  natdoor 12:13 30 Jan 2009

It might be worthwhile borrowing a freeview box and connecting it to the recorder and TV to check out exactly how complex the procedure is. If that is not too inconvenient, then a second freeview box with its RF input connected to the RF output of the first and then connected to the TV would be all that is needed. The TV would need an input for the recorder and for each freeview box. If the TV does not have enough Scart inputs, probably two, a Scart switch can be used to allow each freeview box to be connected when required.

To programme a recording, the output from the freeview box used for recording would need to be displayed so that the timer function on the EPG could be set. The recorder would be set as currentlty. To watch live TV, the ouput from the other STB would be selected for display and to watch a recorded programme th recorder output would be selected on the TV, as currently.

If you feel that a PVR is a more sensible option, many would recommend Humax.

  Stuartli 13:17 30 Jan 2009

The Border switchover is spread out. See:

click here

click here

It could be that in this case transmissions are being picked up from an adjoining regions, although it would presumably be easy to check out through regional news and features programmes.

Re a Freeview PVR - the outstanding example, which also features a twin tuner, is the Humax 9200T (now 9200TBX and sharply down on price); same goes for the Humax Freesat model, the FOXSAT-HDR.

click here

click here

  bionicle 21:05 30 Jan 2009

Thanks again guys. Lots of options but I think for someone who is not at all tech savvy the way to go will be as Stuartli suggests with a Humax twin PVR.

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