Digital Radio DAB a Difference?

  jack 20:11 10 Mar 2006

You go about life absorbing new terms and technology and make assumptions- then see something in print that raises all sorts of doubts.

As I have read about the merits of Digital broadcasting and digital FM radio and then DAB came along - didn't register particularly
Then I saw and ad for a Digital TV/Radio PCI card
and it seems to differentiate between digital radio and DAB and inferred that it received one but not the other

Are they 2 different things Digital Radio and DAB that is

  jack 08:26 11 Mar 2006


  smokingbeagle 14:26 11 Mar 2006

By digital radio, i think they mean the stations you can receive through a Freeview box / card. DAB radios receive, in addition, stations not included in the Freeview package.

  ade.h 15:56 11 Mar 2006

Marketing men playing frantic semantics again; nothing new there.

As far as I am aware, there are basically four ways to receive what could be described as digital audio; internet streaming, digital audio broadcasts at a terrestrial level (from the antennae to the our DAB radios), the similar terrestrial broadcasts that are included in the Freeview system and finally the Sky/Freesat equivalent that comes from satellite to dish.

Taking the second type in isolation, I would not think that a slightly different method of receiving it (PC receiver versus a standalone tuner or hifi) could amount to or require a different source.

  jack 17:42 11 Mar 2006

A few Christmases ago I bought herself a Roberts Digital Portable Radio. I sounds OK but not outstandingly different to a similar sized FM set.
It is only lately I have noticed the DAB term used.
Yes guess it it is more to do with Marketing than Technology

  kimota 19:43 14 Mar 2006

DAB - Digital Audio Broadcasting is a means of receiving completely interference free radio broadcasts via satellite through a specially designed DAB radio receiver. These are relatively new to market - google for Pure and read the articles there. A few DAB radio stations are receivable on your TV (I use mine for watching pictures) but only a few.
DAB is a totally new way of enjoying radio, speech and music are always crystal clear

  anskyber 19:56 14 Mar 2006

Try this for an explanation click here Once you have the digital signal it is all down to what you do with it. Perhaps not a real leap forward with the standard tranny but put it through a good hi-fi system and it will be really noticable.

  oresome 21:27 16 Mar 2006

The Digital TV/Radio PCI card will decode the radio channels provided on the Freeview multiplexes, transmitted on UHF frequencies. The card will require a conventional TV aerial.

DAB radio is transmitted using one or more of the old VHF 405 line ITV frequencies, around 200MHz. For best results this will also require a tuned antenna which will be about half the size of a VHF analogue radio antenna.

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