digital photos to vcd or dvd

  pittza 08:52 28 Dec 2007

How can I burn my photos on my hard drive onto a vcd or a dvd so I can view them on my tv via my dvd recorder?. I have been trying using nero but all I get is the first picture, and I cannot scroll through to the rest like a slidshow. Thanks.

  jack 10:40 28 Dec 2007

Free image editors such as Picasa offer one.
Irfanview is another.
Simply burning the images in the root directory[not in a folder is another.
Much depend on the DVD player.
There are many 'Chip sets' employed in the many and varied makes of player and the types of 'Burned disc and the playing methods very enormously.
Also no player will play an 'open' disc they have to be finalised.
A good read of your players manual will tell you more

  DieSse 21:20 28 Dec 2007

You can use Windows Movie Maker to make a slide show of stills (it doesn't just do movies) - add sound or a commentary. You can add fancy transitions from one slide to the next - and also vary the length of time each slide is on the screen.

Then you can burn the resulting file to a VCD or SVCD with Nero.

You'll get a VCD which will work in the average domestic DVD player. Just press play to run it.

  March Hare 12:47 29 Dec 2007

To my file

  pittza 17:41 29 Dec 2007

Sorry I asked the question wrong, what I want to do is put my photos onto a vcd or dvd in chapters so I can go straight to the photos I want to view, without having to scroll through hundreds of others! is this possible and will I be able to add other photos at a later session? Thanks

  DieSse 18:01 29 Dec 2007

I think if you just put them on as files in folders (just make a normal data CD for this), most current DVD players will allow you to browse them just like using Explorer on your PC.

My DVD player (4yr old super-budget) does this - displays a folder list you can look through and browse to individual files.

No - the DVD player won't support unfinalised CDs, so you won't be able to add to it after creation and finalisation. However CD-Rs are amazingly low cost - so just avoid doing updates too frequently.

If you have a payer that supports CD-RW, then you can always erase and rewrite with updated data.

  jack 17:37 30 Dec 2007

DieSse wrote
My DVD player (4yr old super-budget) does this - displays a folder list you can look through and browse to individual files.
And there is the rub- the cheapo players usually are more accommodating than the Hi Spec machines that can have a very narrow specification.
I learned this when doing a talk on a cruise and expressed concern over the playability of my home made slide disk.
The Broadcast techie took me into his 'den' with all the systems and there in the rack along side the posh broadcast quality kit were a couple of 'WalMart Durabrand' players- 'These cost 50 bucks and will play anything' he said

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