Digital Jukebox

  davecooper 19:44 08 May 2009

Can anyone point me in the direction of a digital jukebox/music storage system to use in a hi fi system. Ideally it would have the facility for an external hard drive and have both an inbuilt CD drive and a USB port for tranferring tracks. The abilty to rip and play music at varying levels of compression up to lossless would also be desireable. In addition I would like a digital output to feed an external D/A converter. Does anything like this exist?

  Kevscar1 22:54 08 May 2009

have you tried putting it in your search engine. You get results like this.

click here

  john bunyan 11:21 09 May 2009

Have a look at this - does everything including freeview TV with hd, jukebox, the lot! Probably more than you want.
click here

  davecooper 15:12 09 May 2009

Probably not using the right search words. Digital Juke Box gave me just that, juke boxes. However, thanks for the help. It looks like a media centre such as the Pioneer mentioned will be the way to go and I can build my system around that, binning my current digital receiver and DVD player at least.

  john bunyan 17:03 09 May 2009

I have it's junior 120 Gig brother. Very good and has HDMI output you can use as a daisy chain to ither equipment. I use it as a Freeview DVD recorder primarily and have not yet tested it in the jukebox role - it may be worth you downloading the manual to see the detail of this part - it has a USB slot to input MP3. The Pioneer website has other options you may care to look at.

  davecooper 19:23 11 May 2009

Thanks John, I will have a look at the manual as you suggest.

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