digital handwriting/note writing

  kelemvor 12:54 13 Nov 2008


I'm looking for a device that lets me write my own notes on the fly - I don't care if it's a mobile phone or pda etc, I just want to be able to have hand written notes (none of that handwriting recog - unless I decide that I want to turn it on at some point) anytime, anywhere.

I'm looking to write short stories/memos etc as and when I need to, so all i need is blank screen for handwriting - I'm trying to get away from using paper, carrying a notepad around all of the time can be annoying, so obviously I want something compact.

I did look into the tablet market, but find that unless I want to spend loads of cash on a cintiq, I'd be looking at my pc screen while writing on the tablet separately - not ideal to say the least.

Can anyone suggest a suitable piece of equipment?


  ton 20:59 13 Nov 2008

Nothing more compact than a small paper notebook, less annoying than an electronic device.

  andy625 15:12 18 Nov 2008

Hi kelemvor, try one of the hp ipaq pda's. They have a "Note" program as standard that will enable you to write on the screen using the stylus for normal handwriting. You can then store the notes, and convert them to text at a later date if you chose to. I have an ipaq 1940 which is now fairly old. You could probably pick something like that up off Ebay for very little.

The ipaqs also have Pocket Word, Excel and Outlook and is useful for all sorts of other things too.

  kelemvor 19:35 18 Nov 2008

Thanks Andy, I'll take a look

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